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Trend Hairstyle: A-Line Cut

Trend hairstyle: A-line cut
Rakish style: Actress Jenna Dewan Tatum sets the trend direction with an asymmetrical long bob
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Trendy tuning: Jenna Dewan Tatum gives her long bob an asymmetrical cut, taking the fashionable fast lane with her look! Long in the front and short in the back, the trendy A-line cut now rounds the curve all edgy and cool. Are you ready for take-off? We show you the most beautiful stylings for the rakish trend

Do it yourself! Jenna Dewan Tatum has done a lot of things right already: The talented actress and dancer was not only part of movie successes such as 'Step Up' or the hit series 'Witches of East End', the 34-year-old also snagged Hollywood beau Channing Tatum alias 'Magic Mike' as her man. Jenna Dewan Tatum reveals equally good taste when it comes to styling. There is no question that she once again scored a direct hit with her latest hairstyle! Her current style in the A-line cut takes the long bob to a new level: modern, cool and super trendy!

With this asymmetrical hairstyle (A-line stands for asymmetrical line), the lengths at the front gently dance around the face while the hair keeps getting shorter towards the back of the neck. Not new: We have taken the asymmetrical cut (long in the front, short in the back) into our hearts as a bob version some time ago. The version with medium length hair is however new. Very elegant, ladylike and classic-hip! The best thing about the long A-line cut: Anyone looking for a cool change who does not want to shorten the medium length cut too radially cannot go wrong with the new A-class!

VIP bonus: Jenna Dewan Tatum bets on an additional highlight with her trend style – or several small ones to be precise: gentle babylights! These fine, scattered light strands conjure up a great effect, flatter the face and make the hair appear fuller. In particular, the strands at the front are made lighter while the rest of the tips are several nuances softer. A bright idea, right? A-cut + babylights = ultimate trend style!

A plus: In our gallery, we present the versatile stylings for the trend cut!

  • Gallery: Trend Hairstyle: A-Line Cut

    A-line cut trend style: soft waves

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    A-Line Cut Trend Style: Soft Waves

    Magical: For the US premiere of 'Magic Mike XXL', Jenna Dewan Tatum unleashed a veritable photo flash storm and almost stole the show from her husband – the leading man Channing Tatum. The light waves give the long bob a casual and super cool look. Rather than a sleek centre parting, the top hair is loosely styled to the side. Hint: Babylights appear particularly natural in the wavy style

    A-line cut trend hairstyle: playful

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    A-Line Cut Trend Hairstyle: Playful

    Do it like Pike: Blonde girl Rosamund Pike ('Die Another Day') has license to wow you! She transforms the cool look into a feminine hairstyle with glam factor: A low side parting gives the A-cut a whole new drive. The longer front section therefore only shows itself on one side, the other side is loosely tucked behind the ear. This look appears marvellously feminine when the hair is curled into a slight wave at the front and back. Made for the movies!

    A-line cut trend hairstyle: linear

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    A-Line Cut Trend Hairstyle: Linear

    Classy understatement: Japanese actress Eri Fukatsu prefers the purist, striking and elegant look for her A-line cut. Entirely classic in the short chin length too. This brings out the asymmetrical look of the hairstyle especially well: The hair is smooth and styled inwards at the ends. The chief attraction: an accurate side parting perfects the clear structure

    A-line cut trend hairstyle: plus fringe

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    A-Line Cut Trend Hairstyle: Plus Fringe

    Push it, Bob! Softly cut tips lend extra volume and pep to the asymmetrical trend cut. But what really creates the wow effect: the frayed micro-fringe. It brings added texture to the A-line cut. Gentle waves look young, casual and naturally beautiful with this hairstyle. The best styling partners for the soft bob with clear edges: Mousse and hair spray – to maintain a casual lightness for the hairstyle

    A-line cut trend hairstyle: edgy and extra short

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    A-Line Cut Trend Hairstyle: Edgy and Extra Short

    A classic keeps it short. At the Haute Couture show in Paris, Chanel presented the sharp A-line cut in micro-lengths. The asymmetrically cut tips extend from the front to the cheekbones and around the back to the middle of the crown – with undercut. Very accurate, very clean, very nineties. The edge, cool cut is styled in the sleek look and paired with romantic flower prints or delicate lace for a change in style