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Watching the Stars Go By – The Best Hair Style Portraits

Hair Style Portraits of the Stars
You can look as glamorous as these stars!
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We enjoyed watching the stars on the red carpet, and we have brought our most treasured hair style portraits home for you. You find glamorous hairdos for short, medium and long hair for you to adapt to your own style. Our styling instructions are short because it is easy to create the looks

  • The right hair style is especially important in the lime light and in front of cameras and fans. Public events always yield a treasure trove of special, unusual, glamorous and beautiful hairdo shots. The stars therefore would not think of attending without their partners and an entire entourage of hair stylist. A hairdo has come undone? Some strands of hair are out of order? A hair style has taken a beating in the general upheaval? The stars don't worry! Stylists are at hand to put every unruly hair back in place.

  • Hair Styles à la Card

    Styling hair for a big event can be a lot of work but the results are well worth it – and sometimes they are outright inspiring. The hairdos of the stars and celebrities are glamorous. Reese Witherspoon's playful ponytail shows all the glamour of the event. If this style looks too complicated to you don't throw in the towel just yet! Some hair styles only look clever but are in fact easy to create. Clever does not necessarily mean complicated.

    That sounds too good to be true? You may change your mind about that after looking at the following hair styles. We promise, with only a little bit of a knack you can style your hair just like Carey Mulligan, Reese Witherspoon and other great stars.

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