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2013 Oscar Awards: Hairstyles of the Stars

Hairstyles at the 2013 Oscar Awards
At the 2013 Oscar Awards, George Clooney’s friend Stacy Keibler intrigued with her feminine mock bob, which owed its glamour to large lively curls
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After the Golden Globes Awards, the expectations were high for the 2013 Oscar Awards ceremonies with their suspension and showmanship. The sophisticated styles and natural hairstyles at the Golden Globes were well received by all and even made serious news shows. Naturally, the stars attending the Oscar Awards and their hair stylists would never even think of avoiding a game of one-upmanship. Did they come out on top? Please enjoy our photos of creative updos, feminine and stylish chignons, and enchanting twirls, twists and braids and make up your own mind. It won’t be easy with all the sophisticated hairstyles and beautiful gowns at the movie industry’s biggest event

  • The signal-red carpet at the 2013 Oscar Awards almost looked bland when the stars stepped out wearing breathtakingly beautiful designer gowns and fascinating hair creations. In this explosive celebration of art and beauty, our eyes moved from delight to delight. The female participants certainly had the stage. Nobody has to tell them how to hold the attention.

  • Oscar-Worthy Hairstyles

    Thank heaven for cameras and talented photographers! They give us a chance to appreciate the details of every look and style. Why did we like this style or that colour better than others? What is it that makes our hearts delight in elegant lines and lightens our spirits at the sight of springy curls? The secret is in the details.

    Stacy Keibler’s mock bob for example is not just enhanced with volume and bouncy curls, but it spreads a sense of light-heartedness. Have another look at Jennifer Lawrence’s elegant updo. It also conveys the mystique of a young woman at ease with the world. Jennifer Lawrence (‘Silver Linings’) received an Oscar for ‘Best Leading Lady’.  Our favourite hairstyle in all categories was Nicole Kidman’s romantic updo with braided elements and golden brooch. We discovered many intriguing updos at the 2013 Oscar Awards.

    In our gallery, we share with you the photos of the updos, which intrigued us the most. In his video, top hair stylist Armin Morbach shows how to master updos with dazzling accessories.

  • Video: How to Style Updos and Add Accessories

  • Gallery: Intriguing Hairstyles at the 2013 Oscar Awards

    Oscar-Ready Hairstyle: Jennifer Lawrence

    © Getty Images  

    At the 2013 Oscar Awards: Jennifer Lawrence

    Actress Jennifer Lawrence's side hair is twirled before it is loosely combed back and turned under to chignon low at the neckline. The updo of Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence ('Silver Linings') looks plain and elegant from the front but reveals soft feminine beauty with the low chignon in the back. You see the same combination of contrasting style elements in the hairstyle of Amanda Seyfried (see the next photo)

    Oscar-Ready Hairstyle: Amanda Seyfried

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    At the 2013 Oscar Awards: Amanda Seyfried

    This year at the Golden Globes Awards, Amanda Seyfried framed her face with soft open waves. She adopted an entirely different hairstyle for her appearance at the 2013 Oscar Awards. Her thick long hair was loosely combed back to an updo in the back. Her hair was separated into four thick strands. Alternating strands from both sides of her head crossed over in the back of her head to form a banana updo

    Oscar-Ready Hairstyle: Nicole Kidman

    © Getty Images  

    At the 2013 Oscar Awards: Nicole Kidman

    And our hairstyle award goes to … Nicole Kidman! She opted for a casually styled updo with braided and twisted strand of hair. Her version of the undone updo includes a few well-defined thin curls falling along the sides of her face. A low strand of side hair is braided and pulled over the top of a twirled chignon. The brooch matches her earrings and gives this hairstyle its festive character