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Hairstyles at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest

Hairstyles at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest
Emelie de Forest did not spend too much time on her hairdo for her uncontested win at Europe’s most prestigious song contest. Unpretentiously, her natural waves fall over her shoulders
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Danish singers/song writers owned the stage at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. We enjoyed listening to the songs while our eyes feasted on the most beautiful and imaginative hairstyles. All styles were included from glamorous to undone and from understated to ostentatious

Danish singer/song writers took a commanding lead in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, relegating the United Kingdom to place 19 and the host country Sweden to place 14. We delighted in the songs while our eyes feasted on beautiful hairstyles, which demonstrated the inspired styles of many European nations. The contestants showed quite a bit of styling expertise and creativity for the show.

  • Best Hairstyles at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest

    Many of the beautiful women and exciting contest participants expressed their personalities. Norwegian Margaret Berger entered the stage in a full-length white evening gown and with cool austere braids. Her song earned her the fourth rank. Raquel del Rosario, ex-wife of formel-1 pilot Fernando Alonso, presented herself in pop rock style and casual hairdo. She only placed second to last. The German group Cascada impressed with the elegant styling of their lead singer. Alas, their song only landed them on place 21 (of 26). At this Eurovision Song Contest, the Danish artists were the unbeatable toast of the evening. Emelie de Forest, barefoot and with casually styled long wavy hair took first price. She won by a wide margin against the runners-up from Azerbaijan and the Ukraine.

    In our photo gallery, we show you some intriguing hairstyles from the song contest and share a few styling tricks with you.

  • Gallery: Beautiful Hairstyle Discoveries at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest

    2013 Eurovision Song Contest: Margaret Berger

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    2013 Eurovision Song Contest: Trendy Braids

    Norwegian pop singer Margaret Berger showed style with her tautly pulled back hair and artfully styled high herringbone braid.


    The Styling: The otherwise austere hairstyle looks livelier because the braid starts high at the top back of Margaret’s head.

    2013 Eurovision Song Contest: Raquel del Rosario

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    2013 Eurovision Song Contest: Big Pony

    Raquel del Rosario represented Spain in the song festival. Her naturally styled hair and the long fringes make her look modern and young.


    The Styling: This hairstyle looks even better if you use some volumising powder.

    2013 Eurovision Song Contest: Petra Mede

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    2013 Eurovision Song Contest: Extra-Large Chignon

    Hostess Petra Mede made quite an entrance with her flamboyant gown and hard to overlook hairstyle.


    The Styling: Use a hair piece to create the extra-large chignon.

    2013 Eurovision Song Contest: Cascada

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    2013 Eurovision Song Contest: Semi Updo

    The German singer of the Cascada group styled her long blonde hair to an elegant semi-updo.


    The Styling: Gentle curls add pizzazz to the semi-updo.