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Trend: Wob style

Wob style
Wave rider: Vanessa Hudgens with trendy wob style
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Fresh, trendy, smart: We loosen up for the season’s in hairstyle! The wavy bob (in short: wob) is conquering the beautiful heads of Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Lawrence and more. We tell you how the stars are styling the bob with soft waves today. Shhhh! It’s simple to do...

  • Presenting the wob – brother of the bob. Currently a hot trend favoured over the old familiar style. Stars and stylists are enraptured by the wob. We too think it is wonderful: the wavy bob. Why is this trend hairstyle causing such a wave of enthusiasm? It is the recipe for success: Free your mind! The favourite new hairstyle frees itself of rigid styling rules and demonstrates how casual yet fashionable a curly mane can be.

    Jennifer Lawrence, Ashley Benson and others provide you with a small taste of the wob’s impressive effect in our image gallery.  

  • Gallery: Wob style

    Wob style

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    Classic short wob: Jennifer Lawrence

    Long, short, long again – Jennifer Lawrence is not just our heroine on the silver screen, the Hollywood star boldly changes the length of her hair as well. From a breathtaking short cut to a dark-haired mane, the actress hardly misses any hairstyle trends. Jennifer Lawrence was ahead of her hair time in 2014, already flirting with the wavy bob. The beautiful style from then is hip again today. It is styled exactly the same way: Chin length with frayed tips and a centre parting, combined with soft, even waves. The wob a là Jennifer Lawrence flatters female facial features and is a relaxed hair look with glamour or boho clothing, but also a trendy styling with a sweater and skinny jeans or a blouse and culottes. Dare to wear!

    Wob style

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    Clavi wob: Ashley Benson

    Actress Ashley Benson is truly a hair chameleon as well when it comes to length and styling. But she stays true to her blonde colour. Considering her love for a variety of hairstyles, it is no wonder that Ashley Benson is making friends with the wob. That is not just any tête-à-tête, but an absolute trend: The 'Pretty Little Liars' star is giving the wavy bob a whole new twist, wearing the hairstyle at clavicle length. Here the wavy hair ends extend to the clavicle, the fringe is the same length or extends to the chin with a step. Fantastic: Since the waves only start at eyebrow height, the darker hairline (trend factor high!) is brought out particularly well

    Wob style

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    Faux wob: Haley Bennett

    Those who cannot take the plunge and reach for the scissors can enjoy the wob anyway. Simply create a faux bob hairstyle with a discreet site parting and soft waves à la Haley Bennett! It has Hollywood appeal. Hair should be at least shoulder length for the faux style to succeed. Form a side parting and curl the hair strand by strand with a large curling iron. Then tie a ponytail at the back of the neck and pull the hair elastic far enough towards the end so you can fold the hair over at chin height. Secure the fake wob with bobby pins and you are done!

    Wob style

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    Side wob: Julianne Hough

    Transitional beauty programme: Julianne Hough quietly says goodbye to her pixie cut. The actress successfully makes the perfect switch with the trend wob style. With the wavy styling, uneven hair lengths are not even noticeable. Quite to the contrary, they ensure even more volume and style. Great styling tip: Form a side parting in an undone zigzag and style your hair for a sexy side-swept look – one side tucked behind the ear and pinned at the back of the neck! It looks sensational with all off the shoulder styles and gives jewellery (earrings, chains) the best chance to shine

    Wob style

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    Sombré wob: Ashley Greene

    A great hairstyle family: The bob and wob are known as a popular pair of brothers. Family ties are found among the colour trends as well: Sombré is the little sister of ombré and currently in great demand (like the wob)! Unlike the classic ombré, the colour transition with the sombré appears much more natural and soft. 'Twillight’s' Ashley Greene likes to wear the soft interplay of colours every now and then, keeping the ends of the hair in a lighter hue than the hairline. Here with the trendy wob – in the longer version down to the shoulders. Sombré gives the slightly wavy bob style even more depth and an elegant twist

  • Wob report: All about the new trend style

    The signal of the star style à la Vanessa Hudgens (photo far top) is clear: I am beautiful, I am strong and I like to have fun! With the clean break in two acts – cutting the hair and making waves – the beautiful actress has finally parted with her teenie image. Goodbye 'Highschool Musical', welcome to the world of women. The wob is simply stylish and classy! Not to mention versatile, since its waviness is permitted to vary from a mere super soft hint to large, gentle waves. Wow, the wob!

  • Benefits of the wob style

    – Flatters virtually any facial shape

    – Suitable for all hair textures

    – Creates various looks

    – Little styling effort

  • With the curling iron or as a beach waves styling, how to make your bob wavy is entirely up to you. Our hair expert Armin Morbach shows you both versions:

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