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The Faux Bob

The Faux Bob
Caption (left to right): Ashley Greene wears her faux bob with side parting. Hilary Duff likes her faux bob with a lot of volume. Kate Beckinsale creates extra interest with the long strands of hair escaping from her faux bob with middle parting
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You don’t need scissors to look as if you had cut your long hair short. Faux bobs easily create this drastic hairstyle change without the need for long-term style changes. Your hair should reach at least to your shoulders for a faux bob. Creating illusions in playful ways is part of the job for actresses Ashley Greene and Kate Beckinsale – for the rest of us it’s pure fun

  • Faux bobs can be varied in many ways. You may look good wearing your hair with middle, side or no parting. The bob looks great with loosely piled up hair, curls or waves. You may like to show the silken flow of your straight hair and add fringes. There are occasions for glamorous and undone bobs. Bobs can be personalised and varied to accommodate the consistency of your hair, your taste, and the need for quick but attractive styling.

  • Which Faux Bob Version Suits You?

    Women with high foreheads and narrow faces look most appealing if they add fringes or allow the front hair to fall asymmetrically across the forehead as in Ashley Greene’s faux bob version in the photo above.

    Hilary Duff in the photo above has teased her hair to give her faux bob ample volume. You may like this faux bob version if your hair is thin.

    Kate Beckinsale (see the photo above) allowed a few strands of longer hair frame her face in her version of the faux bob. The hair over her forehead casually falls to the sides and gently covers the sides of her face. This faux bob can make round faces appear slimmer.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Styling Faux Bobs

    1. If your hair is straight and you rather like to style your faux bob with waves or curls you may want to do the following: Add heat protectant to your towel-dry hair before using a curling iron or rollers to create waves or curls. Dependent on the thickness of the rollers or the curling iron, the waves or curls will be small or large. Mixing large and small waves and curls creates a particularly lively look.

    Apply styling mousse to your still moist hair to create the straight high-volume faux bob. Then dry your hair. Use a tail comb to tease your hair near the roots strand by strand. Then pull your hair in place or shape the ends using a comb. If teasing does not provide sufficient volume you may want to use volumising powder where it is needed.

    2. Loosely gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure it with a scrunchy. Then pull this scrunchy down toward the end of the ponytail until you can loop the hair under at chin level. This gives the faux bob plenty of volume.

    3. Secure the looped hair with hair pins and apply hairspray for secure hold.