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Trendy Looks 2017

Trend Hairstyle: The Semi-Updo

All the way on top of the trend list: Australian actress Margot Robbie already wears the hip semi bun
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Stars, models or bloggers – now the trendsetters do things by halves and swear by the semi-bun, the fashionable light version of the chignon. For this hairstyle only the covering hair is gathered into a chignon; the remaining hair flows freely. Easy, practical, and hip: the perfect five-minute hairstyle with long-term success. We show the best styles

  • Hey! Is there competition for the generally loved chignon now? No, it is only an update. This is because trendsetters now pull up only half their hair. We are certain that soon the semi-bun will keep everybody spell-bound.

    Half of Hollywood already signed on to the trend and features the semi-bun more frequently. Actress Margot Robbie (photo above) for example goes for the radiant messy hair version, which looks prominent and cool in combination with her boyish appearance and her white collar. How can you style the new It-chignon in a very simple way? Pay attention!

  • Step by step to the semi-bun hairstyle:

    1. Put ¼ of your covering hair to the side and secure this portion of your hair.

    2. Apply a small amount of volumising powder to the remaining hair to create the un-excited messy style. Alternatively, pull the lengths of your hair over a large curling iron rod to crate defined waves.

    3. Apply (gloss) styling cream to the portion of hair, which you initially put aside, and comb it back after first combing it upward.

    4. Now twist the covering hair into a chignon and secure it using bobby pins.

    5. Apply some extra-gloss hairspray for longer hold. Done!
  • Semi-updo: Kate Mara

  • Semi-Updo
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    Kate Mara proves that the semi-chignon is able to slip into various roles and does not have to adhere to (styling) rules. The actress demonstrates the semi-chignon with middle parting starting out with a wavy long bob – an elegant version of the otherwise casual trend hairstyle.

    Styling Tip: Place the chignon lower in the back of the head to play up the middle parting

    Left: Actress Kate Mara wears the semi-chignon with middle parting

  • Step by step to the semi-bun hairstyle:

  • Semi-Updo
    Left to right: Undone style, medium-length hairstyle with fringes or sleek chic – festival fans declare the bun must-have hair
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    Casual, easy, and trendy! The semi-bun turns out to be the hairstyle favourite for festivals. Open air, open hair, plus the semi-bun, what more do the trendsetters want? The hairstyle du jour is quickly made and still has absolute head-turning qualities. Sweet: Women wearing fringes also know how to style the bun.

  • Take the covering hair, create a bun, and done!