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Glamorous Party Hair Styles

Party Hair Styles: Amber Heard
Amber Heard knows how to hit the right style for that special party. Her sophisticated updo beautifully complements her plain dark evening dress designed by Stella McCartney
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The colder the season, the hotter are the parties. As the days get colder and shorter, the evenings offer more time for parties indoors. Glamour is the keyword! Whether it is short or long, your hair can express your style and add to the glamour of the season. We mingled with the stars and brought home some practical styling tips for the glamorous parties starring you

  • The party season is here! Once again, it is time to dazzle with style and bring light to long nights. You find the head-turning dress – we are going to deliver the perfect party hair styles for this season's celebrations, resplendent hours at the club or family events. The length of your hair does not matter at all. There is a glam style for everybody!

  • Party Hair Styles of the Stars

    The festive season has not quite arrived yet but none of the stars want to be late with their new glamour styles. We spent the last few weeks watching the stars walking the red carpet and discovered quite a few splendid party hair styles. Carey Mulligan looks very elegant with her short hair. Her covering hair has grown in a little already, and she has added a lot of lustre to her thick head of hair. Amber Heard has styled her shoulder-length hair into a sophisticated updo and shows soft feminine charm, which perfectly contrasts her simple elegant evening dress.
    We could not help but notice the many party hairdos with enchanting jewellery. We watched this trend emerge when top designers like Chanel and Rodarte presented their new lines.

  • Perfect Party Hairdos all through the Night

    What good are the most sensational party hair styles when they fall flat after a short time? The solution for that problem is hair spray in a small mini can that fits into even the smallest purse. You can use it to perk up your hair style in a jiffy.

    Enjoy our gallery of glamorous party hair styles the way stars wear them. Of course, we also let you know how you can make these styles your own.

  • Gallery: Party Hair Styles of the Stars

    Party Hair Styles: Bella Thorne

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    Bella Thorne

    The hair should be more than shoulder-long and should be wavy. A curling iron helps if your hair is not wavy. The hair style works with or without fringes. The styling is easy: After shampooing, spray heat protectant into your hair. Then completely blow-dry your hair while pulling it over a large round brush. If you prefer the style without fringes you should now part your hair. Then partition off strands of your hair and roll the ends onto a curling iron. Allow the hair to warm up a little before removing the curling iron. Take two equally thick strands of your front covering hair and twist each one around its own axis once or twice. Then secure both strands on one side halfway toward the back of your head with a pretty hair slide. Use gloss spray for a particularly glamorous look

    Party Hair Styles: Carey Mulligan

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    Carey Mulligan

    The hair style is suitable for a pixie cut with slightly longer covering hair or for a short bob. Here is how it is done: After shampooing work some styling mousse through your hair and blow-dry it until it is almost dry. Then comb you hair to the back. While you blow-dry your hair, comb the side hair close to your scalp. Give the covering hair more volume by pulling it over a small round brush during blow-drying. Use a whisper of gel to keep your side hair close to your scalp and use some hair spray. A little gloss spray adds the finishing touch

    Party Hair Styles: Amanda Seyfried

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    Amanda Seyfried

    The hair should reach beyond the shoulders and should be stepped. Styling: After shampooing work some volumising mousse through your hair and also use some heat protectant spray. Now part your hair on one side. Blow-dry your hair until it is only slightly damp while hanging your head upside down. That gives your hair great volume. Pull your hair over a large round brush while completely drying it. Create an outward wave by rolling the ends of your hair over a round brush once. Finally, drape your hair over your shoulders and apply some hair spray

    Party Hair Styles: Amber Heard

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    Amber Heard

    This style calls for more than shoulder-length hair. Apply hair spray to strands of your covering hair on top of your head and heavily tease those strands. This creates a fluffy hair cushion. Brush your front hair back using your fingers and take two strands of side hair from the temples and loosely secure them with hair pins on the crown of your head. The tips of those strands of hair remain loose. Gather the rest of the hair in a ponytail high in the back of your head. Make sure not to flatten your hair in the process. Slightly tease the ponytail and fold it into a loop. Gather the hair ends with a scrunchy and secure them with hair pins in the back of your head. Apply hair spray for more hold

    Party Hair Styles: Taylor Swift

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    Taylor Swift

    Your wavy hair should reach far over your shoulders for this style. Use a curling iron if your hair is straight. Styling: Part your hair on one side. Then partition the front part of your hair into two strands, twirl each strand and pull it sideways and slightly to the back. Secure the front strands underneath the covering hair using hidden hair pins. Gather the rest of the hair sideways in the neck using a scrunchy. Pull out a small strand of hair, tease it and wrap it around the scrunchy. Secure the wrap-around strand with hair pins. Use your fingers to tousle the sideways ponytail. Run your fingers through the ponytail while tousling the hair and applying hair spray at the same time. Apply some hair spray for more hold