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Dazzling Simplicity: Summer Hair Styles 2011

Frisuren für den Sommer
This year’s summer hair styles can be very romantic
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Every second of summer fun is precious and long hair styling sessions are not part of the schedule. There is no need for elaborate styling anyhow. A few nifty little tricks give your hair that endearing extra flair and get you ready for any occasion. We have noticed celebrities with very beautiful summer hair styles and like to show you how you can achieve the new summer hairdos

  • Summer hair styles should be uncomplicated. The stars obviously agree. In recent weeks, we have seen many stars and celebrities wearing exciting but easy to style hairdos.

    Dazzling Summer Hair Styles

    Updos are particularly practical on very hot days because they keep the hair from sticking to the moist skin in the neck. This will keep you much more comfortable.  Fashionistas like the model Cara Delevingne use bandanas and Alice bands to give their hairdos pizazz. Braids are also in style this summer.

    The Hair Styles of Stars are Hair Styles for You

    Whether braided or open, classy or undone, there is a perfect hairdo for every occasion. In our gallery, you find the most beautiful hairdos of the stars. Of course, we also describe how you can create these styles at home in a few steps.

  • Gallery: Summer Hair Styles for You

    Summer Hair Styles Cara Delevingne

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    Cara Delevingne with her Fashionable Flower Child Hair Band

    Beautiful long hair has not lost its special appeal this summer. Model Cara Delevingne has given this traditional style an edgy look by wearing a wide hair band reminiscent of the 1960s flower children. This is the perfect style for the festival season. In order to recreate this look work some curling mousse through your towel-dry hair and allow it to air-dry. Part your hair on one side and slightly tease the hair ends. Pull the fashion hair band over your hair and deeply into your forehead for the ultimate hippie look. The hair band should match your outfit. Hair bands made from print fabrics are a neat accent if you have chosen a solid colour for your outfit. It takes an artistic touch to successfully experiment with print pattern combinations

    Summer Hair Styles Isabel Lucas

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    Isabel Lucas with Sexy Beach Hair

    Isabel Lucas looks especially nonchalant with her tousled hair. This look turns even die-hard city amazons into sexy beach girls. Add some extra gloss spray for glamour and you are ready for the evening party at this summer’s hottest hang-out or in the club

    Summer Hair Styles Isabel Lucas

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    Isabel Lucas and her Summer Hairdo

    Shampoo your hair and work some curling mousse through the towel-dry hair. Allow your hair to air-dry before combing it with a large-toothed comb. Use your fingers to part your hair on the side and in today’s inaccurate fashion. Starting at the parting, gather the covering hair on the crown of your head and loosely braid it. Gather some of the side hair into the braid as well. Hold the end of the braid in one hand and gather the hair on the other side with the other hand. Turn the braid around its axis once and do the same with the side hair. Secure the hair using two crossed hair pins. Glossy hair spray adds the finishing touch