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Trendy Looks 2017
  • Long fringe: Gringe

    Long Fringe: The Gringe Goes Around

    Discovering the gringe: Stars, models and bloggers are swearing by the overlength fringe. Whether it is cut that way or grown out – the gringe-fringe is trending! We explain who can wear the look, how the long fringe is styled and what it-haircut definitely should be combined with this

    Grown Out Fringe
  • Wob style

    Trend: Wob style

    Fresh, trendy, smart: We loosen up for the season’s in hairstyle! The wavy bob (in short: wob) is conquering the beautiful heads of Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Lawrence and more. We tell you how the stars are styling the bob with soft waves today. Shhhh! It’s simple to do...

    Wow bob
  • Semi-Updo


    Semi-chignon, full success! The semi-bun, fashionable light version of the popular chignon, is really coming into its own. This is because the semi-bun with only the covering hair twisted into a bun is truly easy and at the same time so trendy – including for people who usually do not like doing things by halves. We show the most beautiful styling possibilities of the hairstyle du jour

    Hello Semi-Bun!
  • Side Cut

    Side Cuts for Women

    The trend of razor-cutting hair only on one side of the head is here to stay. Before you reach for the razor you may want to check out the side cuts of the stars in our gallery. We also have suggestions for all who rather like to try a faux side cut before fully committing to the style

    Eight Side Cut Styles
  • Clavi-Cut

    Hairstyle Trend: Clavi-Cut Hair

    The most popular hair length is neither long nor short; it is clavi cut (reaching no further than the clavicles). Women love this hair cut because it is as flattering as it is versatile. We help you find your style of clavi-cut hair and show styling options for your inspiration

    Clavi-Cut Hair is the Current Style
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