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Trendy Looks 2014

Trendy Looks 2014
Line-up of the trendy 2014 Schwarzkopf looks ‘Classifield’, ‘Realusion’, and ‘Fairywave’. Karl Lagerfeld set the scene
© Schwarzkopf/Karl Lagerfeld

Cool and relaxed! The Schwarzkopf Trendy Looks 2014 are all about form, structure and subtle colours. From dreamy to wild or glamorous, from elegant to provocative – a range of different structures gives these trendy styles a truly visionary touch

  • Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld photographed the Schwarzkopf Looks 2014 in Paris in his distinctively cool style – with a special twist. Schwarzkopf created the four "Perceptions" trend looks in collaboration with Schwarzkopf Hair Expert Armin Morbach. Inspiration from international fashion shows has been fused with social trends and cool street styles to create exciting styling looks. The Schwarzkopf Looks radiate class and beauty – just like the top models who present them.  

    A sense of laissez-faire that is incredibly seductive in its self-assurance gives the Schwarzkopf Trend Looks 2014 their electrifying appeal. This season, the question of whether beauty is equal to perfection can be answered with a clear "no". Who doesn’t love the super-cool, laid-back look of the fashion and beauty bloggers, fashion editors and models during the fashion shows? Now this feeling has reached the international catwalks, inspired by art and photography, forming the basis for the most exciting styling trends.

  • Trendy 2014 Schwarzkopf Looks: Change rather than Perfection

    "Whether it’s in the new classic variant, romantic, glamorous or provocatively imperfect:  different structures, textures and shine are playing a new and really eye-catching role this season", says Schwarzkopf Hair Expert Armin Morbach. "With innovative products and the right tools these styles can be recreated very simply at home. They give women the freedom to reinvent themselves every day and display their individuality. What counts isn’t perfection, but constant change."

  • Trendy 2014 Schwarzkopf Looks 2014: The Photography

    The photo shoot for the Schwarzkopf Looks took place in Paris at Karl Lagerfeld’s studio, where the iconic fashion maestro presented the looks in his inimitable style: modern, contemporary and with his very special instinct for what makes a truly great look. Karl Lagerfeld is not only celebrated worldwide as a fashion designer, his photos are also featured on the front covers of famous fashion magazines and the entire fashion world from Berlin to New York celebrates his photo exhibitions. For this session he again brought in international top models to showcase the latest Schwarzkopf styles. The result: bold, individual and fascinating shots that are as modern and inspiring as the looks themselves.

  • Video: Trendy 2014 Schwarzkopf Looks