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Trendy Looks 2014: Interview with Karl Lagerfeld

Trendy Looks 2014
Karl Lagerfeld set the scene for the Schwarzkopf Trendy Looks 2014
© Getty Images, Schwarzkopf

This is Karl Lagerfeld’s third collaboration with Schwarzkopf. To mark the company’s 111th anniversary in 2009, there was the book and the exhibition "We love Hair" featuring photos by Karl Lagefeld. In 2011, there was the pop-up store "Schwarzkopf Lightbox by Karl Lagerfeld", and now he is photographing the Schwarzkopf Trendy Looks 2014. An interview with the fashion designer and photographer about the looks, the shoot and his idea of beauty

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    ... The Schwarzkopf Looks 2014 are called Perceptions. How do the Schwarzkopf Looks reflect your personal idea of beauty?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "Yes, that is my aesthetics, and I have – how shall I say – coordinated them to the atmosphere and mood of 2014."

    What message do the Schwarzkopf Looks 2014 have for you? Is there a central, main message?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "Yes, look at the pictures: I can tell you anything I like and when you see them, you may think of something else. I advise you to look at the photos and not listen to my chatter."

    You very carefully and deliberately selected the models for the looks. Was the models’ hair the decisive factor, or were other criteria more important?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "The hair and the face belong together. Models who have the right face are a good choice for this type of production if their hair is in a good condition, too."

    And what was it like working with Armin Morbach?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "Very pleasant. And, most importantly, very easy."

    What is the difference between a beauty shoot and a fashion shoot for you?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "Usually, a beauty shoot is more than a simple close-up; it is rather a portrait. Fashion is more about the silhouette and the overall impression. At a beauty shoot you have to take great care to ensure that everything is perfect, right down to the very last eyelash."

    How do you prepare for a photo shoot?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "Just like I prepare for anything else. I do not need any particular preparation. Before, I think about what I want to do and then it all depends on the circumstances, the girl, the hairdresser, the make-up artist. Nothing is worse than having to work with mediocre make-up artists or mediocre hairdressers."

    In your opinion, what makes a woman beautiful? Does her hair play a role?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "Yes, of course. Look at a woman with greasy hair and dandruff – it doesn’t matter how beautiful she is, she will look sloppy. No, today it is all about ‘total grooming’, which can also help those who are not perfectly beautiful to look a little better."

    What constitutes beautiful hair for you?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "Hair that moves well and has a certain brilliance."

    Is beauty the same as perfection?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "That is a little exaggerated. I do not believe that there is such a thing as perfect beauty. But I also believe that you can always work on perfecting yourself."

    What is more important: a perfect hairstyle or a perfect outfit?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "It all has to fit together: If a woman is carelessly dressed, then she might as well not bother with her hair either. And if she is brilliantly dressed and has sloppy hair, then that is also unnecessary. It’s like a marriage without divorce."

    How far do you think beauty trends are influenced by fashion trends?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "The beauty trends are the faces which float above the clothes. In some way, the make-up and hairstyle has to match the fashion."

    And the other way round, does beauty influence fashion?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "Not so much."

    People often say that one can read social changes in the way that fashion evolves. Can you also see this in beauty?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "Yes, because for me these two things belong together. It is the same thing. There are fashions in beauty just like there are fashions in clothes. They happen in parallel; it’s the same phenomenon."

    How would you describe the current beauty ideal, and what does it say about society?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "Well, you know that the beauty ideal we see in advertising or in the magazines does not necessarily exactly reflect today’s society, but it does prove that people are more open. Those who are affected by fashion issues and who take an interest in fashion can see that the world of fashion and make-up has changed greatly in the last ten years."

    What connects you with the haircare brand Schwarzkopf?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "For me, Schwarzkopf is the best brand for haircare. The people that I work with at Schwarzkopf are incredibly nice and professional, and that makes the collaborations a pleasure. At this point, this is an aspect that is very important for me, as well as hair."

    You once said that you remember the Schwarzkopf silhouette from your childhood.
    KARL LAGERFELD: "Yes, exactly. Even as a child my hair was washed with the brand’s shampoo."

    What role does haircare play for you?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "An extremely important one! It is part of general, everyday grooming. You cannot wash your body and leave your hair dirty. Everything has to be cleaned. It all belongs together: from fingernails to skin and the hair. Today, you simply cannot afford to let yourself go."

    Are there Schwarzkopf products that you use or have used in the past?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "Yes, of course. My hairdresser, who comes to my home, washes my hair with Schwarzkopf products. It is sometimes really dry on account of all the dry shampoo I use."

    And do you use a hair mask afterwards?
    KARL LAGERFELD: "Of course, you simply have to. A special hair mask. To keep the hair from getting too dry."