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Makes an Impression: The Micro-Fringe

New extravagance: Stepped micro-fringe at the Schiaparelli show in Paris
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Living on the fringe: At their shows for the current season, designers sent models with the ultra-short fringe cuts down the catwalks, sending the message that the micro-fringe is in. Short was well received. Since then the impudent cut has become a long-term hit that proves highly versatile for styling

  • From Tokyo to Istanbul to Paris: The micro-fringe appeared at the world’s greatest fashion shows and took our everyday hairstyles by storm. A strength of this style is the variety of looks that can be achieved with baby bangs or an ultra-short fringe.
    What makes the micro-fringe so special: Most of the forehead and the eyebrows are exposed. This makes the look cool, expressive and futuristic-modern. To those who think the pert fringe cut isn’t suitable for everyday styles – think again: With long or short hair, an updo or sleek style – the trendy fringe cut goes with any hairstyle and really is very versatile. This is because the ultra-short fringe cut is tailored to many styles: Geisha, pin-up girl or delicate elf – the micro-fringe trend gives you hairstyling fantasy free reign!
    By the way: If you still lack the courage to make the trendy cut, you can feel your way towards the micro-fringe using other means as well. Find out here how to fake the baby bangs.

    The short fringe is in high demand – we celebrate the hairstyle trend!

  • Up on the catwalk: the micro-fringe

    Micro-fringe: John Galliano

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    Micro-fringe: Wonderful with long hair

    Well-behaved was yesterday: Long hair appears playful and girlish? Not with a micro-fringe – it lends coolness and an edgy look to the luxuriance of hair. With a frayed cut, the baby bangs appear less compact and look almost magical with the sleek style.

    Hint: Define the individual strands of the fringe with a little hair wax so everything is guaranteed to stay in place. Unlike gels, waxes will not get hard which makes the look more natural and flexible. 

    Micro-fringe: European Fashion Award

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    Micro-fringe: To a hair

    Short and sweet: What makes the micro-fringe? Texture! The combination with precisely cut bobs creates clear, eccentric looks. Especially cool: Brilliant colours! Fiery red or ice cold platinum blonde make this hairstyle an avante-garde eye-catcher. Important: Emphasise the eyebrows! This makes the striking high forehead appear smaller. It also gives you an incomparable expression!

    Hint: This look needs hold! Secure the style with hair lacquer and give you hair added gloss. 

    Micro-fringe: Use Unused-Show

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    Micro-fringe: Short is hot

    Go short, go all the way! Short cuts are the best match for the micro-fringe. This cut works especially well for delicate women. The advantage: They appear less girlish and up their coolness factor. The frayed, choppy look is especially hot, with sections of different length that sometimes look as though they had been chopped off with a knife. This makes the elvish style young and modern.

    Hint: Just because the hair is short, there is no need to forego volume! Just massage some volumising powder (for example from taft) into your hair, finished! 

    Micro-fringe: Adrian Alicea

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    Micro-fringe: Making waves

    Those who are not brave enough to make the final cut can take a shortcut and fake the micro-fringe. Blow-dry your normal length fringe inwards with a small round brush to visually shorten it. The great thing about that: With no need to shorten the fringe, you also create a feminine pin-up look. Style the hair with slight waves for added exciting femininity. This style calls for eyelid lines and kissable red lips! You can fake baby bangs using other alternatives too – brush your long top hair over your forehead from the back so the ends form a micro-fringe, then pin the hair in place. Or use fringe clip-ins to try out the look.

    Hint: Mousse is essential here! It lets you create the look in no time, making it appear lovely and light.

    Micro-fringe: Dresscamp

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    Micro-fringe: We have our sights set high!

    Off to the land of smiles: Cut straight or frayed, the micro-fringe is ideal for styles with an Asian appearance. For the geisha look, simply pin up the rest of the hair and let the fringe fall naturally over the forehead.

    Hint: Use anti-frizz lotion to prevent individual hairs from 'flying'. This makes for supple styles and provides extra care for your hair.