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Trendy Looks 2017

Long-running success: Chignon with long hair

Chignon with long hair
Flying high: the undone bun with Michael Lo Sordo
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The chignon as a long-time favourite has mastered the knot! There is no other hairstyle women wear more frequently – and it keeps reinventing itself. The chignon is especially multifaceted in long hair: From a fancy front bun to a crimped knot – take a look at the latest chignon hairstyles and how to do them. Six variants with the wow factor:

  • Once knotted into hair and heart, we are not letting go of the chignon style any time soon! The classic knot styling is practical, straightforward and fashion-conscious. And so varied in 2015 as well. All hair knots are not created equal. What about bad hair days? Not with the chignon:

  • 1.     Apply volumising powder to the hair.

    2.     Toss the hair over the head and tie into a high, loose ponytail.

    3.     Twist into a knot and secure with hair pins.

    4.     Apply hairspray to the style and you are done!

  • With its great popularity, our favourite knot has earned an upgrade this season: XL top knot, neck knot, front bun – the new variants are trendy and especially well suited for women with long hair. The chignon reveals its character with six different stylings. See for yourself:

  • Gallery: Chignon with long hair

    Chignon with long hair

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    Chignon with long hair: High bun

    For Nanette Lepore, the chignon grows beyond itself and becomes a tip-top updo. The casual hair knot in the new version is tied ultra-high and voluminous on the head with messy, consciously careless styling – a top hairstyle for a good mood!

    Hint: For an undone effect with extra grip, apply some dry shampoo or salt spray to your hair before styling. After tying the knot, blow a few strands out of the hairstyle with a hair dryer.

    Chignon with long hair

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    Chignon with long hair: Bobby bun

    Take a simple hair elastic and a few bobby pins to create an ultra-modern look à la Burce Bekrek. The hair is tied into a chignon loop low in the neck, with most of the hair ends spilling out loose. The clips (colour contrasting with the hair) are put in parallel on the back of the head as a pretty hair accessory.

    Hint: For a clean chic look, first work the hair with a straightening iron and add some wax if necessary so everything lies flat and elegant here

    Chignon with long hair

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    Chignon with long hair: Double knot

    Properly tied is half the battle! If you are looking for something a bit more extravagant, try a chignon with a refined knot look – seen with designer Xiao Li! For the double chignon effect, style the hair into a ponytail tied low. Then knot the long tail several times, secure it with hair pins and generously pull the loops apart. Apply hair lacquer.

    Hint: The look works best if you smooth your hair with the styler before knotting. Attention: Do not forget heat protectant!

    Chignon with long hair

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    Chignon with long hair: Crimped bun

    Two trends, one style: Knots and crimping go together for designer Douglas Hannant! Crimped hair is popular again in 2015 – and tied into a loose chignon, this hairstyle creates a wow effect. How the crimped chignon works: Crimp all the hair, pull it back loosely and tie it into a large loop. Secure with hair pins, finished! Good to know: Crimped strands are allowed to fall out of the chignon

    Hint: Crimping looks especially good in light hair (here in platinum blonde)!

    Chignon with long hair

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    Chignon with long hair: Half bun

    Only half done with Isabel Garcia: Naturally this chignon season would not be complete without the half-up-hair variant. Perfect for anyone who cannot decide between an updo and loose hair. Gather the top layer of hair and tie it into a loop at the back of the head, wrapping a strand around the hair elastic. The hair underneath simply spills out loose below the knot. Hint: Use a straightening iron for an accurate look

    Hint: Pimp my bun – the Ombré hair emphasises the wow effect in the half chignon

  • Making inroads: Front bun

  • Chignon with long hair
    The front bun by designer Marc Jacobs

    The front bun is definitely a hairstyle with art appeal. Restraint is cast aside and the glam factor is worn high on the head.

    While the fabulous unicorn chignon is styled very sleek and neat, the ends are permitted to peek out of the hair knot highlight somewhat messy and undone.

    A striking shade of lipstick (such as a rich berry hue) highlights the fancy front look! 

  • Styling instructions for the front bun:

  • Chignon with long hair
    Minimum effort, maximum effect: The front bun is styled in a few easy steps

    Looks more difficult than it is. Once you get the knack of it, the front bun is quick to create!

    What you need for the front bun:
    heat protectant, straightening iron, hairbrush, hair gel, hair elastic, hair pins, hairspray

  • How it’s done:

    1. Spray some heat protectant into the hair and work it strand by strand with the straightening iron.

    2. Toss the hair over your head and use a hairbrush to bring it straight forward.

    3. Gather the sleek hair at the front crest and tie it into a ponytail with the hair elastic. Make sure that the top layer of hair is close to the head – smooth it down with some hair gel if necessary.

    4. Tie the ponytail into a knot and secure the front bun with hair pins. Slightly pluck out the hair ends.

    5. Apply a generous amount of hairspray to the style and you are done!