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Trendlooks 2016

Trend Hairstyle 2016: Shoulder Touch

Trend Hairstyle 2016
Model Masha Novoselova shows off the 'Shoulder Touch' style in the wild beach waves look – presented by star photographer Annie Leibovitz
© Schwarzkopf/Annie Leibovitz

Modern, feminine, elegant – those are the exciting hair highlights in the new year. You are sure to find a trend for any length, colour, texture and type of woman. One of them: Shoulder Touch. The look: a long bob with numerous styling possibilities

Since it has become the trademark of many models, stars and starlets, the lob is more popular than ever. The Schwarzkopf interpretation allows full styling freedom: This look can be sleek with luscious volume, styled as soft waves that frame the face or also in wild beach waves. 'Shoulder Touch reminds me of the late sixties and early seventies: from rock and roll to hippies. Here the wild look was especially important to us. I can easily picture this with a classy dress. That provides the necessary break,' Armin Morbach explains.

Our stylings show how changeable this trend hairstyle is:

  • Shoulder Touch with Wild Beach Waves (See Look Above)

    1. Distribute a walnut-sized amount of mousse in wet hair and knead it in from the top to the ends.

    2. Blow dry the hair and comb through it with your fingers.

    3. Take a small curling iron and work individual sections.

    4. Pluck the undefined curls into shape with your fingertips.

    5. Distribute salt spray throughout the hair and finally define the ends with a small amount of pomade.

  • Shoulder Touch with Side Parting and Volume

  • Trend hairstyles 2016
    So natural: Model Masha Novoselova with the Shoulder Touch look in the volume version
    © Schwarzkopf/Annie Leibovitz

    1. Knead volumising foam into towel dried hair and form a low side parting.

    2. Blow dry the hair over a large round brush.

    3. Apply heat protectant to the hair and refine the generous wave look with a curling iron.

    4. Finally, apply hairspray to the style and get ready to make an impression!

  • Shoulder Touch in the Sleek Look

  • Trend hairstyles 2016
    Model Jing Ma wears the Shoulder Touch in the classy sleek version with centre parting
    © Schwarzkopf/Annie Leibovitz

    1. Form a centre parting and apply heat protectant to the lengths.

    2. Work the hair from the hairline to the ends, strand by strand with a straightening iron.

    3. Then apply some gloss spray to the style. This completes the clean chic.

  • Shoulder Touch with Movement

  • Trend hairstyles 2016
    So soft: The Shoulder Touch with centre parting
    © Schwarzkopf/Annie Leibovitz

    1.  Distribute volumising foam in damp hair and blow dry it upside down.

    2. Form a centre parting.

    3. Apply styling powder to the hairline and knead it in with your fingertips to create volume.

    4. Apply heat protectant and use a straightening iron to gently twist the front strands that flatter the face.

    5. Finally, secure the style with hairspray and you are done!