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Trendlooks 2016

Trend Hairstyle 2016: Pretty Jaws

Trend Hairstyle 2016
Facing the camera: Model Manon Leloup with the trend bob 'Pretty Jaws'. Behind the camera: Star photographer Annie Leibovitz
© Schwarzkopf/Annie Leibovitz

Modern, feminine, elegant – those are the exciting hair highlights in the new year. You are sure to find a trend for any length, colour, texture and type of woman. One of them: Pretty Jaws. What makes the chin length bob special? Soft waves or wild curls

Wild curls, gentle waves or undone with individually defined strands – the Pretty Jaws look fulfils every styling wish. 'This is a look one wears with self confidence!' gushes Schwarzkopf expert Armin Morbach. Superbly simple: The chin length bob looks just as brilliant at the office in the morning as it does at the bar in the evening. Casually tossed to one side, the hairstyle is irresistibly unconstrained. 'This is a look you wear with self confidence. I can picture it best on a tough, somewhat masculine woman. A creative individual leading a fast-paced life. She doesn’t want to spend hours in the bath. It is more about the woman herself and not necessarily just about the look', says hair expert Armin Morbach.

  • Pretty Jaws: Changeable But not Time-Consuming

    This beautiful bob also does trendy hairstyles. For example, side swept gives the chin length cut an edgy look.

  • Trend hairstyles 2016
    The chin length bob can do numerous looks: Side swept for example, seen on model Manon Leloup
    © Schwarzkopf/Annie Leibovitz

    1. Knead some volumising foam into towel dried hair.

    2. Blow dry your Pretty Jaws style upside down.

    3. Form a low parting and divide the hair on one side.
    The side swept style gains volume by teasing the hairline and adding some volumising powder.

    4. Define the ends with styling wax.
    The other side is strictly styled close to the head and secured with gel or hairspray.

  • Pretty Easy in the Wavy Version:

  • Trend hairstyles 2016
    Same cut, different effect: Manon Leloup with Pretty Jaws in the wavy look
    © Schwarzkopf/Annie Leibovitz

    1. Apply heat protectant to towel dried hair and blow dry it over a large round brush.

    2. For a wavier look, work individual wide sections with a curling iron.

    3. Toss the hair to one side, knead it with the fingers, shape as desired and secure it with powerful hold hairspray.

    4. Finally apply a hazelnut-sized amount of pomade to your palms and knead it into the hair.