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Bloggers Wear Golden Brown Hair

Golden Brown Hair
Luisa (blogger on Style Roulette) gathered her long golden brown hair in a ponytail
© Luisa / Style Roulette

This summer’s hot hair colour is golden brown. Bloggers love to wear these soft shades between caramel and chocolate brown. You may also like to wear one of these brown shades this summer and allow the sun to create sophisticated highlights in your hair

  • With their hair colour ranging from blonde with caramel tones to chocolate brown bloggers look sophisticated this summer. They are ready for fun in the sun. The sun will create highlights in their golden blonde or caramel brown hair, which will add even more vibrancy to their sun-tanned complexions.

    These highlights give the golden brown of the bloggers’ hair the allure of energy and youth. Dependent on the angle light hits the different strands of hair, it will look blonde or brown. This creates flowing contrasts and the illusion of movement. The trendy ombre colouring enhances the shimmering beauty of light-infused hair.

    Luisa demonstrates these effects with her two-tone hair and Carla’s streaked hair also dazzles with the interesting effects of reflected light. We hope you will enjoy the various looks in our gallery.

  • Tips to keep golden brown hair looking vibrant through the seasons:
    To maintain the lustre of your golden brown hair through the summer months your hair needs plenty of care. In extreme temperature, hair needs moisture and a heat protectant. Apply oil to the hair ends for lustre and a well-groomed appearance.

    Extra-gloss hairspray gives hair the deep glow for extra glamour. Every hairstyle looks better with dancing light reflections in healthy looking hair.

    The ideal haircut for golden brown hair: Golden brown hair looks particularly appealing if it reaches at least to the shoulders. Be sure to cut the hair ends regularly to maintain the glamorous shine of your hair.

    Suitable hairstyles for golden brown hair: Beach waves or curls create playful interest.

    The proper colouring technique creates the desired golden brown: It takes only a few lighter streaks to produce ever-changing patterns of light reflection.

    Darker complexions call for darker hair colour variations.

  • Gallery: Blogger Wear their Hair Golden Brown

    Golden Brown Hair

    © Luisa / Style Roulette  

    Golden Brown Hair: Luisa

    Luisa’s straight golden blonde hair is the perfect match to the almost grungy looking black-and-white outfit with leather jacket. Streaks give the ombre hair additional highlights and help to provide a unifying colour design for her long hair

    Golden Brown Hair

    © Carla / The Fashion Through My Eyes  

    Golden Brown Hair: Carla

    Carla’s long hair reaches about four inches past her shoulders. The hair is Frappuccino-brown with Macchiato-brown accents. The streaks add to the natural look of this colour and hairstyle

    Golden Brown Hair

    © Diana / Dressed up Alligators  

    Golden Brown Hair: Diana

    Carla is known from her fashion blog ‘Dressed Up Alligators’. Rain or shine, her hair looks fresh and radiant whether it is straight or styled into glamorous waves or curls. The hair colour close to her hair roots and ends is golden brown. It transitions from golden brown near the roots to light mocha brown and back to golden brown

    Golden Brown Hair

    © Lauren / Someone Like You  

    Golden Brown Hair: Lauren

    Lauren (‘Someone Like You’) demonstrates that chocolate brown is not only a fall colour. The darker brown shade flatters her complexion. The hair ends are coloured just a tad lighter than the rest of the hair. That adds the carefree lightness of summer to her hair

    Golden Brown Hair

    © tea & twigs  

    Golden Brown Hair: Isabella

    Isabella’s golden brown hair reflects the glow of the setting sun after a bright summer day. (Together with Jasmin she created the blog ‘tea & twigs) Her hair is fawn brown from the roots to ear level. The colour then transitions to a soft golden blonde.

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