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Trendlooks 2016
  • Sleek Hairstyle Variations

    Sleek Style Variations for 2015

    Rich glow and stylish flow: Sleek hairstyles are back! Minimalism dominates 2015 hairstyles and no other style would suit this trend better than the sleek style. We show how you can vary the expressive sleek hairstyles with straight hair

    Sleek Hair for Modern Lines
  • Men’s 2015 Hairstyle Trends

    Men’s 2015 Hairstyle Trends plus Styling Tips

    Some hairstyles stay fresh. Men still like to wear long hair, gelled hairstyles and beards. They remain part of men’s 2015 hairstyle trends. We looked for men’s favourite styles, which are now more popular than ever. Stay tuned for the current hairstyle highlights for men complete with styling tips

    His 2015 Hairstyles
  • Berry-Coloured Hair and Outfits

    Berry-Coloured Hair and Outfits

    Today’s fashion colours for hair and fabrics are reminiscent of nature’s richly coloured berries. The brilliant hues of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries inspired the new hair and fabric colours. We show how to use and combine berry fashion colours

    2015 Fashion Colour Trends
  • 2015 Hairstyles

    Up and Coming Hairstyles

    Beautiful, plain, iconic, elegant, cool, wearable, retro, charming are all words associated with the hairstyles now showcased on catwalks. Only time will tell which styles between iconic and charming women may adopt and turn into a trend in 2015. The choice is yours!

    2015 Hairstyles
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