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Which Hat for Short Hair

Which hat for short hair?
In short: Short cuts and hats are a dream team
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Beanie, turban or bobble cap: What headgear is best for cool short cuts? We show you what hat styles are on top right now and which models bring you through the cold winter months in style. Extra tips are offered for optimum hair care under your hat

A cuddly hat is best on a beautiful long mane? Not true – even (hair) shorties can keep a cool head, or rather a warm one, with cool headgear. We show you how hot a knitted beanie, headband or chapka can look with a short haircut. What should you watch for when it comes to short hair under a hat? You should always leave a few strands showing!

  • Warm Companion for Cool Short Cuts!

  • Which hat for short hair?
    Bobble cap beanie, felt hat: There is a large selection for stylish shorties!
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    Short haircuts are extremely trendy right now – in summer and in winter. Clavi-cut, pixie or bob – no need for anyone to get caught in the cold, since hats are popular for short hairstyles too! What type of headgear you choose naturally depends entirely on your style preferences. We do however have some styling hints for you: Eye-catching bobble caps for example serve as an ingenious counterpart to chin-short haircuts. They are sporty and modern in one! The popular beanie is truly eye-catching, especially combined with short cuts with a fringe. Always trendy although not a modern winter warmer: the felt hat (fedora or floppy hat). In classy colours, it transforms shorties like a bob styled to the back into a style hit.

  • It’s a Match: Ear Warmers for Short Hair

  • Which hat for short hair?
    Also amazing: turban, headband, chapka (made of fake fur) for a trendy portion of thermal units
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    You like more extravagance? No problem: A retro turban, hipster headband and fake fur chapka make short haircuts look sensational. But once again: Be sure to let the ends show! If no hair is visible between the face and headgear, the complexion can quickly appear too pale. So count on the fringe, strands & co.! Benefit of the headband: Short cuts can score points with a wild messy look and volume on the crown.

  • Hair Styling for Hat Hair

    Even short-haired ladies fall victim to flat hair after taking off the hat! To prevent this undesirable effect, simply apply some volumising powder at the hairline to groom your hair for more fullness, hold and volume! Right after you take the hat off, slightly knead your hair with your fingers for a fresh volume kick! What’s more, hair charged with static becomes a thing of the past.

  • Hair Care for Hat Hair

    Friction and dry, heated air causes hair to become charged with static. To prevent flyaway hair from happening in the first place, use a rinse or conditioner when washing! Hair oil can help when you are out and about: Simply distribute a few drops on your palms and gently spread it on your hair.