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French Hair: How the Look Works

French Hair: How the Look Works
Three women, one look: the Frenchwomen Léa Seydoux, Amira Casar and Aymeline Valade (from left to right) lend the French hairstyle their individual touch
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French undone hair is legendary – it is perfectly imperfect, highly popular and has such great allure! How do you make your hairstyle à la Parisienne just as charming? With our instructions and the most beautiful French girl hairdos as styling inspiration

  • Everyone is talking about the French girl look, but what exactly makes it so special? Carefree naturalness is the essence. It seems this enviable laissez-faire style is in a French woman's genes. They stride through life unagitated and casual, always exuding that 'Je ne sais quoi' (in English: that certain something). Seductively falling hair, flawless makeup and a captivating outfit. That sounds like hours of styling and preparation – yet the Mademoiselles have no need for all that. This precisely is their secret: avoid trying too hard. Too perfect, too sexy and overdone is not part of a French girl's styling plan. When you look more closely, you will notice the style always exudes a touch of casualness: a windblown hairdo, a sweater that slips over the shoulders as though by chance and natural looking makeup... You too would love to look like that? Then let us begin with the hair, which is easy to conjure up even without French roots.

  • French Hair: Styling à la française

  • If you want to imitate the fabulous French chic, just follow these three simple rules:

    1. Avoid unnatural hair colours. Instead, pep up your look with a few discreet highlights (keyword balayage).

    2. Curly or straight, Frenchwomen stay true to their natural hair texture. So put the blow dryer away and let your hair air dry.

    3. French hair needs a lot of grip and only becomes très bon on the second day without washing!
  • French Hair: How the Look Works
    French Actress Marine Vacth
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    French Hair: THE Undone Look

    We have been in love with Marine Vacth since 'Young & Beautiful' at the latest. Not only did the French actress turn men's heads as an attractive Lolita in the movie drama, she also got our attention. Her innocent look is to blame. She achieves this with a natural and undone hairdo, reduced styling and a casual attitude. Voilà, and the look à la Parisienne is finished!

  • Styling Instructions for Marine Vacth's Undone Hair

    Right after you wash your hair:

    1. Apply some mousse to the towel dried hair.

    2. Twist the damp lengths into a messy bun and then let the hair air dry.

    3. Release the knot, knead in some volumising powder for a grippy look and dazzle with casual waves. No styling effort, all natural.

    When you have second-day hair:

    1. Form a centre parting and spray quick bursts of dry shampoo onto the hairline.

    2. Let the product work for five to ten minutes so it can reveal its full strength.

    3. Now gently massage the dry shampoo into the hairline with your fingertips, making your hair look bigger.

    4. Finally use a curling iron to create gentle waves in the lengths. Hint: leave out some strands while curling and finally brush it all out thoroughly.

    Allow yourself to be fascinated by more awesome women and hairstyles with that certain (French) something:

  • French Hair

    French Hair: How the Look Works

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    French Hair: Marion Cotillard

    Like a Parisian: Not only does Marion Cotillard have the perfect complexion but also the perfect hair. The Parisian wears her long bob with soft waves in the typical French undone look

    French Hair: How the Look Works

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    French Hair: Clémence Poésy

    Très chic: naturally Frenchwomen not only wear their hair long and open but sometimes also pinned up. Clémence Poésy shows how it's done, tying her messy hair into a loose knot at the crown

    French Hair: How the Look Works

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    French Hair: Audrey Tautou

    What a petit: Audrey Tautou's pixie cut is typically French as well. This short cut is the trademark of the Nouvelle Vague and also of the captivating French actress

    French Hair: How the Look Works

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    French Hair: Jeanne Damas

    Chapeau: Jeanne Damas knows how to bring out her French genes. The it girl wears her mid-length hair in the out-of-bed look plus an undone fringe