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Trendy Looks 2017
  • French Hair: How the Look Works

    French Hair: How the Look Works

    French undone hair is legendary – it is perfectly imperfect, highly popular and has such great allure! How do you make your hairstyle à la Parisienne just as charming? With our instructions and the most beautiful French girl hairdos as styling inspiration

    Très chic!
  • Professional Tips for the Fringe

    Professional Tips for the Fringe

    Trimming, colouring, letting it grow out – no matter what new look you want for your fringe, a visit to the hairdresser is not necessarily required. We advise you how to do it all yourself with your fringe. With professional results! We also present the latest fringe trends – from the contrast combination to styling

    DIY Training
  • The best styling ideas: Braided fringe

    Hairdo Idea: Braided Fringe

    Practical and popular: Not only is the braided fringe a clever way to keep strands of hair out of your face, it is also appealing and eye-catching. Add a special twist to your look with new braided hairdos over the forehead – unusual and suitable for everyday wear, extravagant and easy to style

    Braiding Program
  • Hair Diet: Slimming Hairdos

    Hair Diet: Slimming Hairdos

    Don’t worry, nobody has to go hungry! Great tips and tricks truly make us look slimmer, for instance with the right clothing. Or with the right hairdo. We reveal hairstyles that are great for making a few pounds disappear, and also tell you about looks you had better stay away from if you want to make a good impression

    Hairy Slimmers
  • Hair Straightening

    Three Ways to Straight Hair

    It is elegant, slimming and sexy – no wonder the sleek look is so popular! We present various techniques that lead straight to success: Blow-drying over a round or paddle brush, styling with the straightening iron or a longer-lasting straightening method. You’ll get it straightened out!

    Go Sleek!
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