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Using a Curling Iron to Create Beautiful Curls

Creating Curls
Katharine McPhee wound thin strands of her hair around the rod of a curling iron to create these curls in her shoulder-length hair
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So you would like your hair to fall in soft curls or waves but nature gave you smooth straight hair? That is no problem at all! Today’s styling tools and a curling iron help you to create the kind of curls you always wanted. Learn how to use a curling iron to style the same enticing curls worn by stars and celebrities

  • Curls add volume to your hairstyle, and they can be styled to look bouncy but still soft. Besides, they are a beautiful alternative to straight or sleek hair. Since you don’t rely on the curls nature provided, you have a choice between large wavy hair and the smallest of curls. Your curls or waves may start at the roots of your hair or flow from ear level down. It is your choice. Colourful or nuanced streaks or two-tone hair are further options for an entirely individual style of curls.

    First things first! How can you use a curling iron to create exactly the curls you want?

  • Using a curling iron to create curls:

    1. Thoroughly work curling mousse through your hair. "The more thoroughly you work the curling mousse through your hair the better your curls will look", recommends Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach.

    2. Use a curling iron with a large-diameter rod to create large soft waves.

    3. Strand by strand, spray heat protectant on your hair before winding the strands over the rod of your curling iron. Allow the heat to work on your hair for a short time before releasing the newly formed curl from the curling iron rod. Work your way from the front to the back of your entire hair to create the desired curls or waves.

    Armin Morbach has this tip for you: "If you want to create well organized looking curls wind all strands of hair in the direction pointing away from your face. However, if you prefer the wild natural look you should alternate the direction in which you wind your hair over the curling iron rod."

    4. After creating all the curls you want, bend forward and shake your head for naturally falling curls.

    5. Use volumising powder where you want your hair to appear thicker.

    Dry shampoo will help you keep the look for a day longer. Simply apply the dry shampoo and use the curling iron for a quick touch-up.

    Check out the video to learn how to turn straight hair into a head of stylish curls. Armin Morbach also explains the use of different types of curling irons, which come with smooth conical rods or thick rods with clips.  

    We hope the stars in our gallery with their curly hairstyles inspire your next hairstyle choice.

  • Video: How to Use a Curling Iron to Create Curls

  • Gallery: Stars with Long or Short Curly Tops

    Curl Creations: Gretchen Mol

    © Getty Images  

    Curly Hair Like Gretchen Mol

    A storm went through it: Actress Gretchen Mol looks stylish yet very casual with these undone curls in her short blonde hair

    Curl Creations: Kerry Bishé

    © Getty Images  

    Curly Hair like Kerry Bishé

    Kerry Bishé (known from ‘Argo’ by and with Ben Affleck) created corkscrew curls from ear level down. She looks brave with a hint of mischief wearing this traditional hairstyle

    Curl Creations: Kat Dennings

    © Getty Images  

    Curly Hair Like Kat Dennings

    Hold your curling iron vertically while winding small strands of hair around its thin rod to create the cool beach waves Kat Dennings (‘2 Broke Girls’) wears here. While you allow the curling iron to do its magic, keep holding the hair ends between your fingers. This produces the undone effect

    Curl Creations: Carrie Underwood

    © Getty Images  

    Curly Hair Like Carrie Underwood

    US country singer Carrie Underwood created large curls in her shiny blonde hair starting at ear level. Use a curling iron with a large-diameter rod to create these curls. Carry Underwood curled strands of various thicknesses to give her curls the lively casual quality