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Trendy Looks 2017
  • Cool Curlers

    Cool Curlers: How to Really Turn up the Heat

    Round brush, straightening iron, curling iron... There are so many styling tools to put curls and waves in our hair. But which hair helper is best to use when and for whom? Our overview clears things up: from beach waves to eighties waves, from small curls to large ones – we present the best tricks and tips for every look

    Perfect Curls
  • Corkscrew curls

    Corkscrew curls: Do-it-yourself styling

    Wrapped around your finger: Small corkscrew curls are capturing the runways and our heads! We tell you what you need to know about the curl trend, which hairstyles are best for it and how even straight hair can be conjured into waves similar to the corkscrew look

    Alluring? Come this way!
  • Curlers

    The Proper Use of Curlers

    Among the many methods of creating curls, using curlers is the traditional and most effective one. Rolling hair onto curlers is easier than many women think. We explain when and how to style your hair using curlers

    Rolling up Your Hair for Perfect Curls
  • Celebrity Hairstyles

    Celebrity Hairstyles – Sleek Today, Curls Tomorrow

    Recognising celebrities can be a challenge. We are used to seeing their hair change from light to dark and from long to short but nothing alters their appearances as much as the change from straight to curly hair

    Changing from Straight to Curly Hair
  • Styling Curly Hair

    Styling Curly Hair

    We saw Christina Hendricks and models for Bottega Veneta wear the beautiful retro hairstyle with straight hair on the crown of the head and curls or waves flowing casually down starting at ear level. We show you how you can create your version of the retro hairstyle and suggest makeup to complete the new look

    Retro Style Glamour Waves
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