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Summer Hairstyles with Eye-Catching Accessories

Summer Hairstyles with Accessories
Katy Perry decided on a blue colour palette for her outfit and all accessories. The blue flower diadem in her side-swept hair is a cheerful and endearing detail
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Alice bands, scarfs, bandanas, barrettes, and slides can add fascinating, whimsical or artistic elements to hairstyles. Accessories do not only catch the eye but they are also practical. While they allow you to express your style or the mood of the moment, they also keep your hair in place. Experimenting with accessories opens opportunities to show off your creative and playful side

  • Hair accessories are made from all kinds of material and vary in style from whimsical to precious and artful. This is your chance to express your style and create new looks to your heart’s desire. Of course, fashion designers can’t pass up such opportunities when they create their collections. This season, many models demonstrate the creative use of hair accessories. We like to inspire you with our gallery photos of hairstyles with the most interesting accessories.

  • Creative Accessories for Summer Hairstyles

    In fashion, the practical is first cousin to the beautiful. Artful and beautiful accessories are always most appealing when the practical meets the functional. The best of the hair accessories are beautiful while supporting hairstyle elements or our expression of style. Adorning hair and head is an age-old custom practiced by women and men alike. There are obviously many styles and choices. Today, accessories are mostly used to adorn chignons, sleek hairstyles, and braids as well as soft curls and waves. As practiced through the ages, women once again use beautiful, whimsical or artful items like flowers, feathers, textiles, barrettes, and jewellery as hair accessories.

  • Gallery: Summer Hairstyles with Hair Accessories

    Summer Hairstyles with Accessories: Holy Ghost

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    Summer Hairstyles with Accessories: Casual Beach Waves with Scarf

    Many of today’s hair accessories are colourful. Large-print scarfs in bright saturated colours are very popular. These scarfs look particularly beautiful with casual beach waves. This style was captured by ‘Holy Ghost’

    Summer Hairstyles with Accessories: Isabel Lucas

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    Summer Hairstyles with Accessories: Sleek Hairstyle with Beaded Bonnet

    This look is a perfect choice for festivals and summer parties. Isabel Lucas adorned her sleek blonde hair with an artfully beaded bonnet. The beauty of the tastefully arranged simple beads in combination with the elegant hairstyle cannot fail to turn heads

    Summer Hairstyles with Accessories: Shermine Shahrivar

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    Summer Hairstyles with Accessories: Chains Arranged Oriental Style over Undone Wavy Hair

    Model Shermine Shahrivar arranged her pearls oriental style over her forehead and long hair. The style is reminiscent of Arabian Nights stories. The pearls add glamour and expression to her long dark curls and waves

    Summer Hairstyles with Accessories: Michelle Yeoh

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    Summer Hairstyles with Accessories: Updo with One-of-a-Kind Jewellery

    Actress Michelle Yeoh wears her updo with a specially designed unique piece of hair jewellery (statement jewellery) in the shape of a butterfly. The hair jewellery repeats the colour of her necklace without matching it too closely. The butterfly jewellery and the necklace together give her appearance the festive character

    Summer Hairstyles with Accessories: Karen Walker

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    Summer Hairstyles with Accessories: High Chignon with Knotted Scarf

    Chignons with knotted scarfs can be worn on the beach and at parties. Designer Karen Walker presented this high chignon with a scarf around the hairline, which is knotted in the top centre of the forehead. This type of look can be created using differently coloured scarves, which are knotted elsewhere around the head

    Summer Hairstyles with Accessories: Braid and Alice Band

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    Summer Hairstyles with Accessories: Braid and Alice Band

    Alice bands in many colours and made of all kinds of material are widely used hair accessories. Their design may be simple and elegant or colourful, whimsical or sparkling. This model for Valentino wears a simple Alice band with a single side-swept braid. Alice bands work with almost all hairstyles