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How to Style Hair for Athletic Activities

Styling the Hair of Athletes
The ponytail is the all-time winner in the ‘hairstyles for athletes’ category
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Ideally, hairstyles for athletes can be quickly styled while they still look modern, stylish, and appealing. We share with you how to appropriately style hair for athletic activities and provide detailed styling instructions

  • For a long time, the prototype of an athlete’s hairstyle involved quickly brushed back hair, which was then pinned back and held back by all means imaginable. Times and standards have changed since. Hairstyles for today’s athletes are practical and appealing at the same time. We show you examples of popular hairstyles for athletes and provide step-by-step styling instructions.

  • Styling the Hair of Athletes
    Like most athletes, tennis star Maria Sharapova is partial to the traditional stand-by – the always beautiful, sassy, and practical ponytail
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    Styling Hair for Athletic Activities: The Ponytail

    It is hard to imagine modern hair styling without falling back on the always practical ponytail. Athletes in particular embrace the sassy and beautiful style.

    1. Thoroughly comb your hair to remove all tangles and knots.

    2. Add a small amount of styling mousse or gel for more bounce and manageability. This facilitates styling and keeps the hairstyle intact through the hardest training sessions or competitions.

    3. Gather your hair in the back of your head using a scrunchy. Where and how high you bind the ponytail is a matter of your preference and the planned athletic activities.

    4. You may like to loosen the ponytail a bit for a casual look by putting one hand flat over the scrunchy while pulling up the ponytail and scrunchy. This will slightly lift the hair on the crown of your head.

  • Styling the Hair of Athletes
    Anna Kournikova gave her ponytail more style by braiding it
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    Styling Hair for Athletic Activities: The Braided Ponytail

    Braiding a ponytail only adds a few minutes to your styling efforts.

    1. Follow steps 1 and 2 of our styling instructions for a ponytail.

    2. Now gather your hair in a high ponytail and apply a trace of hair oil to the hair ends.

    3. You are now ready to braid the ponytail in the desired style. Tightly secure the braid using a scrunchy at low end.

  • Styling the Hair of Athletes
    Athlete Stephanie Rice gathered her hair into a high chignon
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    Styling Hair for Athletic Activities: The Wet Looking Chignon

    Female athletes also love to wear chignons. Swimmer Stefanie Rice styled her high chignon in the wet look for optimum hold even during her swims.

    1. Distribute an about hazelnut-sized dollop of hair gel across the palms of your hand.

    2. Then stroke your dry hair using your hands. You may like to add more hair gel if needed.

    3. Gather your hair into a ponytail on top of your head toward the back.

    4. Twist the hair in the ponytail until it easily contracts to a chignon. Then secure the chignon as needed.