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Stylish Ways to Sweep Hair to One Side

Side-Swept Hair
Cara Delevingne’s undone blonde waves are swept over her right shoulder. Two sparkling barrettes hold the widely fanned hair in the back
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Sweeping their hair over one shoulder is an almost natural movement of women with long hair. Allowing straight, wavy or curly hair to freely cascade or extend in artful braids over one shoulder results in a delightfully soft appearance. You may like to try one of the many versions of side-swept hairstyles in our gallery

  • Hair can be swept over one shoulder whether it is straight, wavy, curly or braided. Sweeping hair to one side is a way to vary many hairstyles for all occasions. In almost all cases, the asymmetry adds a playful style element to the hairdo. The playful nature of the style invites creativity. Have fun!

  • Ways to Sweep Hair to One Side

    There are many ways to sweep hair to one side. If a side parting is part of the look the hair is swept over the shoulder opposite the parting. Hair must reach at least slightly beyond the shoulders for the side-swept style.
    There are many ways to secure the hair in the back of the head. You may use almost unnoticeable thin bobby pins or enhance the look with hair jewellery or interesting accessories.

    The hair can be loosely or tautly pulled over to one side or it can be twirled or braided while guiding the hair to the opposite side. The side-swept look may resemble an undercut if the hair is tautly pulled back on one side of the head. Rosario Dawson (last gallery photo) took the style one step further and actually shaved the side hair above one of her ears.

    The side-swept hair may flow over one shoulder the way nature created it or you can create beach waves, glamour waves, sleek hair or curls dependent on your personal style or the occasion. In a particularly playful version, the side-swept hair is either tightly or loosely braided.  

    Side-swept hairstyles may include fringes of any kind or strands of hair being swept across the forehead in generous waves.

    There is no limit to your creativity. Simply try out different versions of the side-swept style to find the version, which best suits the way you want to look. Styling mousse, volumising powder, and hair wax can help your styling efforts because they make hair more manageable and give it the desired alluring lustre.

  • Gallery: Stars Sweeping their Hair over One Shoulder

    Side-Swept Hair + Kristen Stewart

    © Getty Images  

    Long Hair Twirled to One Side

    On one side, Kristen Stewart twirled the soft waves of her ample dark hair toward the back of her head. She secured the twirled hair with invisible bobby pins and allowed the rest of her hair to cascade over her left shoulder

    Side-Swept Hair + Maika Monroe

    © Getty Images  

    The Braided Side-Swept Bridal Hairstyle

    In this photo, Maika Monroe (Zac Efron’s former girlfriend) looks like a bride. On the left side, her wavy blonde hair is French-braided toward the back. Her hair is then allowed to casually flow over her right shoulder

    Side-Swept Hair + Angela Lindvall

    © Getty Images  

    Sideways Ponytail

    American model Angela Lindvall gathered her hair sideways to a casual ponytail

    Side-Swept Hair + Reese Witherspoon

    © Getty Images  

    Side Swept Wavy Hair

    Reese Witherspoon’s side-swept hairstyle has a touch of glamour. The large bouncy waves show alluring lustre

    Side-Swept Hair + Carly Rae Jepsen

    © Getty Images  

    Side Swept Hair with Full Long Fringes

    Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen ("Call Me Maybe") demonstrates a cool version of side-swept hair. Her long black tresses fall over her left shoulder with the ends twirled together. The long fringes are the most striking feature of her hairdo

    Side-Swept Hair + Nina Dobrev

    © Getty Images  

    Side-Swept Long Hair

    Actress and model Nina Dobrev ("Vampire Diaries") swept her long dark hair over her right shoulder. The bouncy 1980s style hairdo features a low side parting. In a large soft wave, the hair above her forehead falls across part of her forehead before it flows together with the side-swept hair

    Side-Swept Hair + Marley Shelton

    © Getty Images  

    Side-Swept Medium-Length Hair

    Actress Marley Shelton ("Scream 4") demonstrates how to side-sweep hair of medium length. She used hair wax to comb her hair back on one side. The free-flowing blonde hair on the other side is wavy and turned under

    Side-Swept Hair + Rosario Dawson

    © Getty Images  

    The Undercut Version of Side Swept Hair

    New York resident Rosario Dawson ("Sin City", "Trance") has taken the side-swept style one step further. Instead of sweeping all the hair back on one side, she razor-cut the hair above her left ear. Her thick dark hair flows over her right shoulder in casual beach waves. Without doubt, this asymmetric haircut will turn heads