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Half Up – Half Down: Semi Updos

Semi Updo
A wide strand of hair over Hilary Duff’s forehead is loosely gathered in a hair gripper on the crown of her head
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Semi updos combine partly pinned up hair with open flowing hair. They are the ideal hairstyle to express both your classy and playful sides. This hairstyle offers the best of both worlds – elegance and alluring femininity. See how you can show all sides of you with variations of the semi updo. We are going to show you how to style a few of the countless variations

  • Semi updos combine the advantage of updos and open hair. Best of all, it is so easy to find or create a semi updo, which brings out all your most appealing features. Far from looking like styling without definitive direction, semi updos allow more creativity than most other hairstyles.

  • Five reasons for giving semi updos a try:

    1. Styling semi updos is simple and easy. Within minutes, you can completely change your look.

    2. Semi updos make it possible to wear your hair open without having to brush your hair out of your face over and again.

    3. You may like to pull up part of your hair into an updo to show off your ear jewellery.

    4. Semi updos give your face a longer appearance and therefore make it look slimmer. You may like to consider these two tips if your face is oblong: Firstly, don’t tease the hair on the crown of your head. Secondly, cover your forehead with thick side-swept fringes.

    5. There is little chance of getting tired of semi updos simply because there are so many different styling variations.

  • Semi Updo Variations

    Once you start playing with different styles of semi updos you will probably be hooked for the duration. There are countless variations but styling them always starts with the decision whether the overall impression should be sleek perfection or casual nonchalance. You may gather a wide strand of hair over your forehead and secure it on the crown of your head (like Hilary Duff). An alternative is to separate a thin strand at the temple and twirl it (as Gucci shows it). You may also braid part of your pinned up hair like Nanette Lepore’s models or wear the pinned up hair in a chignon. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge shows this look.

    There are still many more choices. You may wear the open part of the semi updo wavy or sleek with a middle or side parting. The hair can also be brushed back and pinned in place without parting.

    We like semi updos with side parting and side-swept fringes, with middle parting and several about 2 inch wide strands as fringes or without fringes. By and large, short or straight fringes are not suitable for semi updos.

    There are many ways to pin up hair. Best suited are bobby pins, slides, hair grips or crossed hair pins for thin hair. If you use a scrunchy to hold your gathered hair you may like to pull out a thin strand of hair and wrap it around the scrunchy. This will hide the scrunchy and look much nicer.

  • Special Styling Tips for Semi Updos

    Your semi updo shows more volume after teasing the hair on the crown and in the upper back of your head. By intermittently applying hairspray to the already teased hair you can create even more volume. Finally, use your fingers, a tail comb or a brush to shape your hair and pin it up. However, at this stage you should not comb or brush your hair.

    Would you like to style a rockabilly style semi updo? In his video, Armin Morbach shows you how to do it. We hope our gallery pictures with stars and models wearing semi updos will inspire you. Enjoy!

  • How to Create Rockabilly Style Semi Updos

  • Gallery: Six Appealing Semi Updos

    Haare hochstecken: Giambattista Valli

    © Getty Images  

    The Semi Updo: Sleek and Austere

    Giambattista Valli combed the hair of his model back starting at the temples. The front hair is combed across the forehead and then pinned back at one side. The hair slightly bows over the forehead

    Haare hochstecken: Nanette Lepore

    © Getty Images  

    The Semi Updo: Braided

    Nanette Lepore's model combines long hair with a partial crown braid. This is a particularly stylish semi updo

    Haare hochstecken: Gucci

    © Getty Images  

    The Semi Updo: Twirled

    Gucci's models featured a twirled form of semi updo. The style is as simple as it is beautiful. Simply part your hair in the middle, separate two frontal strands of hair on both sides of the parting and twirl those strands toward the back of the head. Secure the twirled hair using a pretty hair slide

    Haare hochstecken: Ashley Tisdale

    © Getty Images  

    The Semi Updo: Nonchalant and Undone

    Ashley Tisdale wears a semi updo with large beach waves and a large strand of side-swept front hair. Most of her top hair is casually gathered and secured with clips about midway up in the back of her head

    Haare hochstecken: Peter Som

    © Getty Images  

    The Semi Updo: High Volume

    Peter Som’s models wear the semi updo with middle parting and added volume on the top backs of their heads. They simply roll up a strand of hair in the upper back of their heads and secure this roll. The top layer of the hair is then used to cover this roll and secured with bobby pins. It is alright to give the semi updo a casual note

    Haare hochstecken: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

    © Getty Images  

    The Semi Updo with Chignon

    Catherine Duchess of Cambridge gathers the top part of her hair into a high ponytail. She twists this ponytail into a chignon and secures it with bobby pins