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Popular Hairstyles with a Twist

Popular Twirled Hairdos
The hairstyle of this model for Jenny Packham fashions is both artful and elegant. From a long side parting, the hair first swoops toward the front and is then tightly twirled while the hair along the entire neckline is included into the twisted strand
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Twisted and twirled hair elements are part of today’s arsenal of style elements. Twirling strands of hair into interesting styles from undone to elegant is quick, easy, and fun. Hopefully, our photos appeal to your creative side. The styling tips are meant to increase the fun of twisting and twirling your hair into new hairstyles

  • We hope we are not too presumptuous saying that women like to change their hairstyles from time to time or for special occasions. After all, we did not ask all women everywhere. However, experience tells us that it may be a safe assumption. Over the eons, people have paid attention to their hairdo with more or less extreme results. What is your fancy? How do you feel about a radically new hairstyle? For all who are not quite so adventurous we present these slightly less radical styling suggestions.

  • Popular Twirled Hairstyles

    Even though you may have found the perfect hairstyle for yourself already, you may welcome learning about ways to invent subtle variations for special events. This usually involves using the tools of the styling trade like bobby pins, hair slides and scrunchies. Experienced hair stylists use their hands and creativity to braid or twirl. Twirling requires less skill than braiding, and the results can be just as appealing and impressive. You may like to twist the hair over your forehead and pin it back or twirl your side hair to create a semi-updo. Hair can be twirled into long rolls or piled into chignons of all kind. The style is yours to create. The twirled hairstyles of the stars and models in our gallery are meant to inspire you.

    It’s time to try your hand on twirling your hair! In his video, Armin Morbach demonstrates how to style three chignon variations; one of them includes a twirled hair element.

  • Video: How to Style Three Different Chignon Variations

  • Gallery: Popular Twirled Hairstyles

    Popular Twirled Hairstyles: Dianna Agron

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    Beautiful, Interesting Twirls: Dianna Agron

    Styling: Create a short low side parting; then take an about 2 inches wide strand of hair over your forehead and twirl it around sideways and toward the back. As you go, add small strands of side hair to the strand and keep twirling. You may like to use bobby pins to secure the twisted strand of hair. Secure the twirled strand at ear level using a bobby pin. You may like to wear the rest of your open, twist it into a chignon or wear a ponytail

    Popular Twirled Hairstyles: Reem Acra

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    Twirled Hairstyles: Model for Reem Acra

    Styling: Use hair wax to keep your hair straight. Take an about 1 inch wide strand of hair at the temple and twist it around a few times. Tightly hold this strand while wrapping another about 1 inch wide strand of hair around the tightly held strand. Twist the combined strands around a couple of times. Keep adding strands of hair in this way until reaching the back of your head at about ear level. Twist strands of hair on the other side of your head in the same way and combine both twisted strands to a ponytail at ear level in the back of your head. Wrap a thin strand of hair around the ponytail scrunchy for a more pleasing look

    Popular Twirled Hairstyles: Louis Vuitton

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    Twirled Hairstyles: Model for Fashion House Louis Vuitton

    Styling: Create a straight side parting and comb your hair straight. Separate a large strand of hair over your forehead and temporarily secure it. On both sides of your head, twist a strand of side hair at ear level upward and toward the back. On one of the sides, you need to start with the end of the strand, which is swept sideways from the forehead. Add small strands of hair into the hair roll as you keep twisting your hair into an upward roll toward the back of your head. You may need to use bobby pins to secure the emerging hair roll. Roll the ends of both rolls into a casual, loose knot low in the centre of your neck

    Popular Twirled Hairstyles: Clémence Poésy

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    Twirled Hairstyles: Clémence Poésy

    To create her undone side ponytail Clémence Poésy first twisted a few strands of her hair and then wound one twisted strand around another. A large portion of her hair in this casual sideways ponytail is not twirled. The ponytail was secured with a scrunchy and leaves the fringy ends exposed

    Popular Twirled Hairstyles: Paris Hilton

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    Twirled Hairstyles: Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton wears a simple twirled hairdo. For the naturally looking, beautiful hairstyle she twirled the hair from the temples toward the area above the ears where she secured the strand with crosswise placed bobby pins. The defined large waves in her long hair deepen the sweet character of this plain hairstyle