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Romantic to Classic Bridal Hairdos

Bridal Hair Styles
The extra-large chignon is a classic bridal hair style with timeless appeal. A hair donut adds volume to the chignon
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All details must be perfect on the wedding day, the ceremony, the location, the wedding gown and of course, the hair must show just the right nuance between regal and playfulness. Let us inspire you and help you find the right hair style for your wedding gown. A few styling tips may also come in handy

  • Many women think of their perfect bridal gown before any of the other wedding details come to mind. Little girls decide on their wedding dress long before they give boys a second look. Weddings require a lot of decision-making. Choosing the right hair style to match the dress, the style and theme of a wedding is the next opportunity for creativity. Hopefully, the wedding day is not all about perfection.

  • Easy Bridal Hairdos

    Having a professional style your bridal hairdo sets you back about 100 to 300 Euro. If you have other plans for your money you may like to consider some of the very beautiful bridal hair styles, which you can easily master by yourself.

    Updos are the most popular choice among the bridal hairdos. This is not surprising because updos not only look classy and elegant they also stay in shape all the way through the long wedding festivities. With a little creativity brides can easily adjust updos to their own style and character, which is definitely an important advantage. There are also many ways to add jewellery to a sophisticated or playful chignon, banana, a braided crown or ponytail. Invite your best friends to a hair styling session before the wedding and don’t forget to have some hair spray at hand. You may also consider creating an extra-large chignon with the help of a hair donut. Chignons, braids or buns may be styled high on the crown of the head or in the neck, and you can combine them with middle or side partings as well as with fringes in all styles.

    By comparison with updos, open hair is not quite as suitable for bridal hairdos, especially if your hair has a tendency to fall flat after only a few hours. Curls are especially difficult to handle because they tend to quickly lose their bounce. Of course, you can still incorporate curls in your bridal hair style. Curls look playful and they are a beautiful accent. They work well unless the entire hair style depends on the curls retaining their springiness. Finger waves (water waves) are a stylish alternative to bouncy curls. They keep their shape longer and they are also easy to style.

  • Bridal Hairstyles with Jewellery and Accessories

    Hair accessories can be used to create very unique bridal hair styles. The accessories must complement the wedding gown and the hair style.

    Flowers in your hair are particularly appealing. They are a perfect match for romantic bridal gowns and playful hairdos. Real flowers are beautiful but silk flowers also work well and don’t wilt. Stone-studded as well as simple jewellery looks from pretty to classy. You have the choice of hairpins, slides and diadems with jewels and metal work. Jewellery looks particularly elegant in straight hair. Alice bands may add playful colour accents or a touch of elegance. Use black lace if you prefer the extravagant style. Give your imagination and playfulness some free reign! Prince William and Kate Middleton certainly set new standards with their wedding. After their wedding the veil is in vogue again. No longer is the veil considered an old-fashioned symbol.

  • Which Hair Styles Complements Your Gown?

    Do you opt for the plain timeless chignon or do you like to wear a more extravagant hairdo on your wedding day? Whatever style you choose, make sure that you feel at ease on your big day. A casual, loosely pinned up hair style looks romantic and is a perfect fit for wedding gowns with plenty of lace and frills. The sleek look may enhance a more conventional bridal gown, which intrigues with simplicity. If the guy at your side rather likes to see you wear your hair open you may consider setting off this hair style by wearing a simply styled bridal gown. Casual bridal hair styles like loosely pinned up or braided hairdos look particularly appealing on brides in romantic elfin dresses. They are the right style for fairy tale weddings.

    Last but not least we like you to consider this: You found the right partner; how difficult or how crucial could it be to find the right hair style?

  • Bridal Hair Styles: Planning and Wedding Rehearsal

    You learnt the waltz for your wedding dance. Now it is time to rehearse your bridal hair style. Hair style rehearsals prevent the equivalent of falling down after the first steps of the wedding dance. Before the wedding, try out your hair style and make-up a couple of times and time your preparations. It is best to wash your hair the day or the evening before the wedding. It will be more manageable.

  • We hope the beautiful bridal hairdos in our gallery will inspire you! You also find the necessary styling tips.

  • Gallery: Bridal Hairdos and Styling Tips


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    Bridal Hairdo with Alice Band

    Alice bands in the colour or style of the dress look very appealing. Actress Penelope Ann Miller uses the pastel-coloured Alice band to loosely hold back her voluminous updo. The charming Alice band adds a feminine touch to the simple style


    Styling: Tease the hair in the back of your head. With the exception of a few strands of hair in the front, pin your hair up in the back of your head. Apply some hair spray. Then use the Alice band to loosely push back the front hair


    © Getty Images  

    The Sleek Bridal Hair Style

    Bridal gowns don’t have to be white. Alexis Mabille shows a dreamy bridal gown creation in moss-green. The sleek look is just the right style for the unconventional bridal gown. The green veil over the sleeked hair is eye-catching

    Styling: Create a low side parting and straighten your entire hair using a flat iron. Secure the side parting with a little gel. Gather the hair in the neck and pin it into a low bun


    © Getty Images  

    Extravagant Bridal Hairdo with Black Lace

    The twirled bridal updos at the Chanel Show were extravagant yet classy. The models donned a black lace bandana in their hair. In our picture, the lace bandana also covers the eyes. We know you can create these hair styles by yourself

    Styling: Create a low side parting. Then gather your hair into a high ponytail. Separate the hair in the ponytail into many small strands and twirl them around your finger one by one. As you twirl the strands tightly they will start to contract to mini-chignons. Secure these little twirled chignons with hair pins. Never mind a few messy twirls. It is part of the style. The mini-chignons should be heaped into a wild array anyway. Use hair pins to secure the hairdo


    © Getty Images  

    Bridal Hairdo with Finger Waves

    Elie Saab showed this glamorous and elegant bridal hairdo in her show. In front the hair is softly formed into finger waves. The long ends are gathered in the back. The feminine dress avoids frills

    Styling: Shampoo your hair. Create a side parting before placing finger wave clips in the still wet hair. Allow the hair to air-dry before removing the clips


    © Getty Images  

    Elfin Bridal Hair Style

    The elfin look of the Valentino model is enhanced by her hair style. The loose hanging strands of hair and the jewellery tendrils add a romantic note. This is the perfect hair style to go with playful feminine bridal dresses

    Styling: Keep a few bobby pins at hand to create this young-looking feminine bridal hairdo. Part your hair in the middle and gather it low in the back of your head. Braid the gathered hair and twist it into a chignon. Use hidden bobby pins to secure the chignon. Carefully pull a few small strands of front hair out of this hairdo and allow them to playfully hang around your face. Hair jewellery shaped like vines, leaves or flowers add a festive character. In this case, a small jewellery band was used instead of a diadem


    © Getty Images  

    The Undone Wavy Look for Brides

    For this bridal style the hair is left natural with large flowing waves. This hair style forms an appealing contrast to the elaborate dress by the designer Zuhair Murad. Wear your hair very plain to show off an ornate wedding gown. The simplicity will only add softness and beauty to the overall appearance. Make sure that your hair appeals through its soft lustre

    Styling: Shampoo your hair and work a hair treatment through it. Use a curling iron to produce the soft waves. Allow the hair to cool before you apply extra-gloss hair spray

    Brautfrisuren Michelle Williams

    © Getty Images  

    The Short Bridal Hair Style

    Actress Michelle Williams demonstrates how stylish and festive short hair can be. Her shiny hair is parted on the side

    Styling: Work volumising mousse through your wet hair. Create a low side parting and blow-dry your hair over a large round brush to create volume. Use some styling wax to shape this hair style

  • Video: How to style a updo with accessoires