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Braiding Hair: How To Do Dutch Braids

Braiding hair: How to do Dutch braids
Regal: Blogger Rana Demir crowns her look with the Dutch braid hairstyle
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Braided hairdos are especially popular right now – and we present the best of them. This time around, the topic is Dutch braids. No worries about too much finesse or complicated braiding techniques – once you get the knack for it, this braided hairstyle is as simple as it is ingenious. We explain everything you need to know about Dutch braids, including the braiding technique

Braids have shed their little girl image. In the meantime, they have made a permanent place for themselves on the heads of the world’s fashionistas. Why are braids so popular again today? There are many reasons. Above all, the eye-catcher effect and versatility account for the success of this evergreen hair styling option. French, herringbone, feather or lace braid... Braided hairdos feature a wide variety of braiding techniques and styles. So how do you decide? Just follow our recommendation. Try as many as possible! How about Dutch braids for instance? They are extremely trendy right now!