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Trendlooks 2016
  • New Ponytail Details

    New Ponytail Details

    The ponytail is among the most popular hairstyles ever. To make sure styling it does not get boring, this classic hairdo is now presenting itself with new finesse – thereby qualifying as a hot and trendy look! Knotted, wrapped, sky high or tied to the side – this is how the ponytail is being worn today

    Ponytail 2.0
  • 1990s Hairstyles

    Comeback: 1990s Hairstyles

    Feel like a little nostalgia? The nineties look is back and can also be seen in various hairstyles. Sometimes it's the colours, other times it's the styling – take a look back with us and transport the nineties look into the here and now!

    Happy Nineties!
  • High Bun: Instructions for the Hip Updo

    High Bun: Instructions for the Hip Updo

    Top knot how-to: the high hair knot is an absolute hairstyle favourite among women. You haven’t quite managed to get the right twist? In our video instructions, we show you how you can style the high bun yourself quickly and easily in just five steps

    Aiming High
  • Do-It-Yourself Beach Hair

    Do-It-Yourself Beach Hair

    You want to conjure beautiful beach waves in your hair without going into the water? Easy as pie. Presenting three very different ways to get the highly popular beach waves look. All you need is salt spray, a curling iron or the twirling technique. We also tell you which method is best suited for what hair type

    Beach Beauty
  • Braiding Hair: How To Do Dutch Braids

    Braiding Hair: How To Do Dutch Braids

    Braided hairdos are especially popular right now – and we present the best of them. This time around, the topic is Dutch braids. No worries about too much finesse or complicated braiding techniques – once you get the knack for it, this braided hairstyle is as simple as it is ingenious

    Holland In The Hair
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