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Top New Year’s Eve Party Hairstyle

Top New Year’s Eve Party Hairstyle
As moderator for the European Music Awards 2012, Heidi Klum made her appearance wearing this side-swept braided hairstyle and six different outfits
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There are many ways to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Whether you bid farewell to the old year at home, at a party or attend a fancy event, pull out all the stops for your best New Year’s Eve party hairstyle ever! Our favourite party hairstyle is Heidi Klum’s braided semi-updo. She wore this hairdo as moderator at the European Music Awards 2012. See how you can create this hairstyle

  • The hairstyle for the last long night of the year should fit the occasion. This hairdo better hold up and look smashing through the night! Heidi Klum’s combination of side-swept semi-updo and braiding meets all these requirements. The hairdo is easy to style and does not need to be repaired while you rather like to enjoy the event. The open hair looks best undone, and the braided hair is securely pinned up.

    Heidi Klum knew what she was doing when she selected this hairstyle for her long night as moderator and invited guest of the 2012 European Music Awards show. The hairstyle is relaxed and sleek with a long wave falling from her forehead and merging into the hair on the side where the open part of her hair is swept over her shoulder. On the opposite side, the hair is French braided all the way to the neckline. Heidi Klum wrapped the end of the braid with a shiny satin band. We hope our instructions will help you make your own version of this hairstyle a hit.

  • How to Style Heidi Klum’s Braided Hairdo for the New Year’s Eve Party

    1. Shampoo your hair with a straightening shampoo. Tuck away a strand of hair over your forehead. Then blow-dry the rest of the hair while pulling it through a round brush.

    2. Use a curling iron to create the wavy strand of hair over the forehead. Alternatively, you may roll this strand into a large curl and secure it over your side hair. You can then blow-dry this side curl. Apply some hairspray before you release this strand of hair, which should form a casual side-swept wave.

    3. Now the special part of the hairstyle, the braid, is formed. Create a side parting from the forehead to the neckline. Use hair clips to tuck away the hair, which will not be braided. Start French-braiding the partitioned hair starting close to your ear. Then continue French-braiding to the neckline by gathering tiny strands of hair from the right and the left into the braid.
    Secure the French braid with a thin scrunchy.

    4. Now wrap the end of the braid with a thin satin band. The wrapped end should be about 2 inches wide. Secure the ends of the satin band with a knot. The colour of the satin band should enhance your hair colour, your outfit or both.

    5. Finally, release the temporarily pinned up hair. Then spread a smidgeon of hair oil over the palms of your hands before using them to stroke over your hair and to pull it into shape. Add the final touch by shaking your head a few times. The hairstyle should look casual or even undone. The French braid will stand up to even the wildest party if you apply a little hairspray. The party can now begin!