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A New Hairstyle – Keeping the Mystique Alive

Neue Frisur
It will be a special day for your lover when you ‘doll up’ for him. It takes finesse to play to his fantasies but you can do it. Think about the rewards!
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Are you planning a special date with the man you love? You may want to doll up for him starting with your hair. We hope one of our styling suggestions will be a great hit and his eyes will light up in delight

  • Neue Frisur
    Actress Olga Kurylenko shows style with these alluring finger waves
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    Are you intrigued by retro-style finger waves? You may make a big impression with this hairstyle inspired by the 1920s. We show you how to create retro-style finger waves in our step-by-step instructions.

    Would you rather surprise your man with sophisticated braids and an extravagant updo? A new hair colour or a short haircut may make an even bigger splash. Try one of the hairstyles in our gallery to captivate your man!

  • Gallery: Inspiring New Hairstyles

    New Hairstyles: Nicole Richie

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    New Hairstyles: Extravagant Updo

    Nicole Richie’s hairstyle is as extravagant and festive as her outfit. You may want to surprise him looking like a genie and ready for adventure. The high ponytail can also be styled into a sophisticated herringbone braid (for braiding instructions please see the link below)

    New Hairstyles: Leigh Lezark

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    New Hairstyles: Short and Sassy

    Men only love long hair, which they can tousle and caress? That may not always be true. Your man may love to see you showcase your smart sense of style with a short haircut. Intelligent, dynamic women are excellent life partners. Leigh Lezark took the courageous step to short hair and manages to look sassy and festive at the same time. Her shiny hair and brilliant hair colour may have something to do with the allure

    New Hairstyles: Robyn Lawley

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    New Hairstyles: Feminine and Playful

    Robyn Lawley’s long hair cascades over her shoulders in casual beach waves. Her middle parting is a little off-centre. A sophisticated braided hair piece gives this hairstyle a playful note. This is a traditional hairstyle with a feminine flair, which works for quiet and adventurous times alike

    New Hairstyles: Rachel McAdams

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    New Hairstyles: Enticing Curls

    He will love to play with your tousled curls and may have dreamed about seeing you in curls. Rachel McAdams demonstrates the appeal of curls. The slightly wild character of the hairstyle may give him a hint of what you have planned for the occasion

    New Hairstyles: Riley Keough

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    New Hairstyles: Getting His Attention

    The bright red hair colour will definitely dazzle him! Men associate red hair with temperamental eccentricity and an adventurous spirit. This alluring look may show him an entirely new side of you. American actress Danielle Riley Keough loves to change her appearance and her hair colour. This playful attitude provides an element of surprise and shows how many sides of you are still waiting to be discovered

    New Hairstyles: Elena Perminova

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    New Hairstyles: Fashionable and Desirable

    Fashion icon Elena Perminova shows style and attitude with this simple hairstyle, which directs all the attention to her beautiful face. Her sleek semi-updo emphasises her feminine side

    New Hairstyles: Caroline de Maigret

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    New Hairstyles: Long, Luxurious Hair

    Model Caroline de Maigret demonstrates how alluring straight long hair can be. The fringes increase the impression of a young, devil-may-care attitude. Are you ready for a ride on his favourite motor bike? Later on, when he sees your hair in the reflecting light of candles, he will definitely discover his romantic side