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Short Hair Styled Modern

Modern Short Hairstyles
Jennifer Lawrence combs her short hair straight back. She makes sure that her hair has some bounce and the side hair profile is narrow
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We show cool versions of short hairstyles for festive occasions. Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron and other stars showcase bouncy short hairstyles with a narrow side hair profile

  • Jennifer Lawrence is quite creative with her hairstyle choices. Recently, she surprised us with a fresh new short hairstyle. We are thrilled with her complete hair makeover. We adore her bouncy short hairstyle with narrow side hair profile.

  • Styling: Apply volumising spray to the root portion of your hair. Then blow-dry your hair against the grain. Slightly tease the hair on the crown of your head before combing your hair back. Apply a small amount of gel to the side hair and comb it back to create a narrow profile. Apply hairspray for the necessary hold.

  • Modern Short Hairstyles: Bouncy with Narrow Side Hair Profile

  • Modern Short Hairstyles
    Charlize Theron (left), Portia de Rossi (centre), and Tilda Swinton (right) with extra hair volume on the crown of the head. The side hair profile is narrow
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    Jennifer Lawrence and her peers are partial to the cool short hairstyle. The specific style elements can be adapted to individual preferences. Charlize Theron styles her curls into this attractive new hairstyle while Portia de Rossi teases her straight hair before styling. Tilda Swinton added a wild quiff to the variety of styling options.

    All three women agreed on crème, beige, and brown tones for the makeup and outfit. They felt that these colours are the best match. The rosewood lipstick colour sets a subtle colour accent.

  • Modern Short Hairstyles: Higher is Better

  • Modern Short Hairstyles
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    Singer Alicia Keys demonstrates the playful undercut version of the featured hairstyle. She made short shrift of styling her side hair by simply shaving it.
    The slightly longer curly top hair is combed upward for a particularly stylish appearance.

    Left: Alicia Keys shaved her side hair and styled the curly top hair straight up