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Cool Hairstyles for Hot Parties

Festive Hairstyles
Kate Peck is ready for the party with her rockabilly hairstyle
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Long party nights call for beautiful outfits, suitable accessories and of course, the hairstyle must fit the occasion as well. We like to introduce you to the beautiful festive hairstyles chosen by stars and celebrities. Watching the video prepared for you by Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach will help you give that special hairstyle the dazzling touch

  • Are you looking forward to the night on the town, a company party or the hen party to say goodbye to single life? We want to help you find the hairstyle to make you stand out in the crowd. Simply break with old habits and try an entirely new hairstyle. Have you ever tried out the sleek look? Maybe you like to turn your straight hair into wild curls. Braids, updos and semi-updos with and without accessories can add glamour, sophistication or fun to your style.

    Big hair is sure to grab the attention at parties. Chignons, quiffs, ponytails, glamour curls or teased back hair work especially well as high-volume styles with or without hair jewellery.

  • How to Style Festive Hairstyles with Ease

    Festive hairstyles don't have to be elaborate but they do have to last through the party. The hairstyle must survive the special event and everything that may happen getting there and getting home. Here are a few tips to give your special hairdo staying power:

    Store up on extra-hold styling mousse, blow-drying spray and anti-frizz lotion before you even start styling your festive hairdo.

    Check out your festive hairdo before you dazzle with it at a special event. Vigorously move around your hair to find out whether the hairstyle is fit for dancing and having fun. At home, you can still secure a few escaped unruly strands of hair.

    After styling, spray some extra gloss hairspray over your festive hairdo to provide appealing lustre and safe hold.

    Inclement weather may take its toll on your well organised festive hairstyle. Keep a pocket-sized version of your favourite hairspray ready for instant repair styling.

  • Are you planning to attend a party wearing a cool rock hairstyle? In his video tutorial, Armin Morbach shows step-by-step how to quickly style a trendy quiff.

    Please visit our gallery to see how the stars style their hair for festive events.

  • Video: How to Style a Rockabilly Hairdo

  • Gallery: Stars Wearing Festive Hairstyles

    Festive Hairstyles: Camilla Belle

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    Festive Elegance: The Semi-Updo

    Camilla Belle has pulled up her long hair in a semi-updo. This hairstyle is fit for any occasion from dinner party to gala event. Create sufficient volume for this semi-updo by blow-drying your hair while pulling it over a round brush and by teasing your hair on the crown of your head. The hair is then combed back without parting, brushed behind the ears. Apply hair wax up to eye level. The accentuated eyebrows and the hairstyle are reminiscent of the rock era

    Festive Hairstyles: Kelly Osbourne

    © Getty Images  

    Quick Party Hairstyle: The Ponytail

    Kelly Osbourne's hairstyle is just the right solution when you need to get ready for a party on the drop of a dime. Styling this ponytail takes less than five minutes. Create a side parting and tease the hair on the crown of your head to create extra volume. Gather your hair in a low ponytail. The hairstyle looks particularly cool if you dislodge a few strands of hair and allow them to casually frame your face

    Festive Hairstyles: Ashley Rickards

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    Eye-Catching Gala Hairstyle: Hair Accessories Add Glamour

    Actress Ashley Rickards ("One Tree Hill") attached a looped hairband to give her high chignon extra festive character. The hair accessory should fit the style of the outfit. Hair accessories of any kind enhance the festive character of a hairdo

    Festive Hairstyles: Jessica Lowndes

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    Festive Rockabilly Hairstyle

    The special twist of this semi-updo is the rockabilly style quiff. Actress Jessica Lowndes has formed a rockabilly style cresting quiff on top of her head. This hairdo is styled by first creating a parting on both sides of the upper head. On both sides, sleek back the hair between the parting and ear level. Arrange the hair on top of the head between the two partings in a large quiff and secure the end of the quiff using hair slides or bobby pins

    Festive Hairstyles: Ashley Benson

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    Undone Curls for Fun Parties

    Actress and model Ashley Benson prefers this casual style for her evening out. She allows irregular curls to frame her face in a natural style. This is an uncomplicated cool hairstyle for a party with friends. Use your curling iron, flat iron or curlers to create the waves and curls. Allow the hair to cool before using your fingers to loosely style your hair. Individual strands of hair can be accentuated with hair wax. Place your head upside down and shake it while applying some hairspray. It does not get any easier than this!