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Festive Hairstyles for Long Hair

Festive hairstyles for long hair
High gloss: The ponytail à la Balmain guarantees a grand entrance
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Last-minute luxury: You don’t have a lot of time but want grand glamour for the holiday season – especially in your hair? We show you how to style your long mane into sensational highlight hair in next to no time. Minimum effort, maximum glamour effect. See for yourself...

Let’s get glamorous! Advent, Christmas, New Year’s Eve: The holidays are right around the corner. You are already filled with pleasant anticipation when you think of all the parties, events and festivities? If you love an extraordinary appearance and like to make yourself beautiful, you naturally need a festive hairstyle in addition to the perfect outfit! (Tip: Instead of a low neckline, choose decorative highlights or extravagant collars to accentuate your décolleté this year.) Elegantly presented, opulently curled or elaborately wrapped – our gallery features festive hairstyles for long hair that look more elaborate than they really are.

  • Gallery: Festive Hairstyles for Long Hair

    Festive hairstyles with hair decorations


    Festive Hairstyles With Hair Decorations

    New splendour: With jewellery in your hair, you can make a great impression at any party. The Rodarte trend label shows how it’s done, upgrading open model manes with glittering clips that make a statement. Positioned above each other on one side at forehead height, the decorations appear especially modern with a centre parting. Let it shine!

    Festive hairstyles: Discreet wet look


    Festive Hairstyles: Discreet Wet Look

    Less is more: While styling the wet look is really simple, it offers an endless variety of looks. Extremely sleek styling, as a half-back or gelled back into a slight quiff at the hairline (seen with Cavalli) – the fancy hairstyle in any form looks sensational with opulent clothes (such as the paillette dress). Because: The clash of the cool (hair) and classy (outfit) makes it modern. Our holiday favourite: Gelled straight back with volume at the hairline – the wet look should not appear too 'saturated' – with a long solo earring, a one-shoulder dress and natural makeup in nude

    Festive hairstyles: Elegant partings

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    Festive Hairstyles: Elegant Partings

    Properly parted: Designer Vivienne Tam exhibits a mix of ponytail, sleek look and artistic parting with her models. Really easy, it looks all the more elegant. Simply distribute a generous portion of gel in the hair, form a short centre parting with a styling comb and tuck the front strands to the side tight behind the ear. Slightly tease the remaining top hair and tie it into a ponytail. Very stylish with the refined boho look and lace dresses

    Festive hairstyles with glamour waves

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    Festive Hairstyles with Glamour Waves

    Feel wavy: The sophisticated curly look is and remains the evergreen for fine festivals. This hairstyle is especially popular with Hollywood glamour – seen on the models at designer Mimi Tran’s show: Side parting, smooth hairline and generous, gleaming waves starting at ear height. The elegantly curled star hair looks absolutely made for the movies with classic evening gowns or a little black dress

    Festive hairstyles: Ponytail with pep


    Festive Hairstyles: Ponytail with Pep

    Shine on! Those who love the uncomplicated ponytail can also stay true to it during the holiday season. But only with a chic update. Here is how it looks (seen backstage at the Ralph Lauren show): The ponytail is tied low at the back of the neck, the long hair is carefully smoothed and refined for high gloss. Hint: Use hair wax with gloss particles. The loose ponytail deluxe is the perfect hairstyle for any festive occasion

  • Festive hairstyles for long hair
    A case for Balmain: The French fashion creator presents the high-tied ponytail

    Long Live the Ponytail

    The higher the ponytail, the better the party? Definitely! Balmain chooses the sleek version and elevates the high-top ponytail to highlight hair. Our step-by-step instructions tell you how the party crasher works.

    What you need: Brush, heat protectant, straightening iron, hair oil, hair elastic, hair clips and (gloss) hairspray

  • How it’s done:

    1. Thoroughly brush your dry hair and spray it with heat protectant.

    2. Take the straightening iron and work your hair strand by strand until it is sleek.

    3. Apply a small portion of hair oil to the hairline and distribute it by spreading it straight back, gathering the hair into a ponytail tied really high.

    4. Take out a strand and tie off the rest of the ponytail with the hair elastic.

    5. Wrap the strand you pulled out around the ponytail, hiding the hair elastic, and secure the whole thing with hair clips.

    6. Finally apply (gloss) hairspray to the style and you are done!