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Festive Hairstyles for Christmas

Festive Hairstyles for Christmas: Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum sleeked her hair back to a large chignon, which is centred in the back of her head. This elegant chignon is ideal for festive occasions
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Have you wrapped all presents yet? Are the cupboards filled with goodies for family and friends? You probably can’t wait to wear that new holiday outfit. How about the festive hairstyle for the ultimate finishing touch? Let yourself be inspired by the hairstyles the stars wear in our photo gallery. We are sure you will find the best ever holiday hairstyle, which is a marvellous fit for your classy wardrobe

  • Festive outfits and hairstyles are part of the holidays whether you join a friendly get-together or a formal party. Even the family Christmas dinner calls for a festive appearance. Your hairstyle should be glamorous as well. Today, styling is easy and quick with the right styling tools and products, which keep the hairstyle intact all the way through the celebrations.

  • Tools for Styling Special Holiday Hairdos

    Blonde or brown, curls and waves always look elegant. Use a curling or flat iron to give your hair the right texture and manageability. This will make the styling easier, hairpins and slides will stay in place, and every styling element will look better longer.

    Hairspray (extra-hold hairspray if required) provides long hold for your festive hairstyle.

    You don’t have to have fine hair to consider volumising powder an immensely useful styling product because it improves the hair texture and manageability. This is particularly helpful for festive hairstyles, which must stay in shape for many hours.

    A fair amount of extra-gloss hairspray makes even an ordinary chignon look festive. Extra-gloss hair wax adds more glamour still.

    Holiday festivities are also the right time for hair accessories and sparkling hair jewellery. Their playful light and colour play is bound to delight.

  • In his video tutorial, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach demonstrates how you can create elegant updos and enhance them with hair jewellery.

    Check out our gallery photos for inspiration if you haven’t yet made up your mind about a suitable hairstyle to go with your Christmas dress. Our featured stars show you adorable hairstyles for festive occasions like Christmas.

  • Video: How to Fashion an Updo with Hair Accessories

  • Gallery: Festive Hairstyles for Christmas

    Festive Hairstyles for Christmas: Katharine McPhee

    © Getty Images  

    Festive Hairstyles for Christmas: The Faux Bob

    Actress Katharine McPhee wears her wavy hair with side parting. In the back, the hair is looped inward to a faux bob. The loop is secured with hidden bobby pins. If your hair is long enough you can also create a faux bob by first gathering your hair in a ponytail and then sliding the scrunchy down to the hair ends. You can then fold the hair inward and secure the ponytail end with hidden bobby pins

    Festive Hairstyles for Christmas: January Jones

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    Festive Hairstyles for Christmas: The Sleek Chignon

    The sleek and well organised looking chignon is the ideal hairstyle for festive events of any kind. January Jones wears her chignon low at the neckline. The rich lustre in her hair adds to the elegance of this hairstyle. Hair wax with glitter particles provides even more glamour and interest

    Festive Hairstyles for Christmas: Rachel McAdams

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    Festive Hairstyles for Christmas: The Twisted Updo

    Rachel McAdams gathers all her hair in the back of her head and twist some of her hair until the strand coils together. Tip: Secure every one of the small hair elements with tiny bobby pins and then drape the next element over the bobby pin. This is a nifty way of hiding the bobby pins

    Festive Hairstyles for Christmas: Cara Delevingne

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    Festive Hairstyles for Christmas: The Casual Chignon

    Casual chignons are known as hairstyles of last resort for bad hair days. Cara Delevingne demonstrates that the casual chignon can also look festive. Her side hair is sleek while her chignon is casually styled high up on top of her head. We recommend using plenty of extra-gloss hairspray

    Festive Hairstyles for Christmas: Kate Beckinsale

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    Festive Hairstyles for Christmas: The Two-Tone Chignon

    Kate Beckinsale’s hair falls softly in glamorous waves and curls. She loosely gathered her hair into a large casual chignon on the left side close to her neckline. The two-tone colouring in warm brown shades adds interest to this soft, feminine hairstyle. We recommend working volumising powder into the hair close to the roots