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Star Signs and Hairstyles

Star Signs and Hairstyles
Do you prefer to wear your hair long or short, straight or curly? The answer may be in the stars
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Aquarius is open to new things, Sagittarius goes his own way, Virgo stays true to herself ... Not only do we tell you what is written in the stars, but also which hairstyle suits your zodiac sign best. Our hair horoscope has the right style prediction for every star sign

  • What does your star sign have to do with your hairstyle? Simply everything! The various characteristics of the earth, water, fire and air signs offer revealing insights about one’s mane.

    Hair styling by horoscope: We present the perfect hairstyle for every star sign in our gallery.

  • Gallery: Star Signs and Hairstyles

    Star Signs and Hairstyles

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    Star Signs and Hairstyles: Aries (21st March – 20th April)

    No other star sign lives out the 'I want!' mentality like Aries. Strength of purpose, discipline, self-confidence and a love of adventure are his characteristics and a passionate fire burns with everything he tackles. Sometimes Aries gets into trouble because of his own impulsiveness, but that too sets him apart and helps him savour life to the fullest.


    Haircut: Long or short, the impatient Aries needs an uncomplicated haircut that he can rely on in all circumstances. But it also has to have that certain something: He loves taking centre stage and prefers to keep up with the spirit of the time. A wild stepped cut with overlength fringe (gringe) highlights the lively and direct character of the Aries star sign.


    Hairstyles and styling: Natural, lively, modern yet straightforward to style: Messy hair (don’t care)! A trend style like the swag (stepped cut) radiates self-confidence and passion. The perfect Aries style in other words.


    You will find styling instructions for the trendy messy look here:

    Star Signs and Hairstyles

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    Star Signs and Hairstyles: Taurus (21st April – 20th May)

    Taurus bets on pure sensuality! Full of devotion and at times a bit possessive, Taurus likes to take what he feels he is entitled to. The temperamental earth sign consistently relies on his feelings; his self-confident manner makes him especially attractive.


    Haircut: Taurus can be really stubborn at times and is reluctant to accept change. When it comes to a trend cut with a half-life, he always shakes his head, preferring something stylish and classic: Shoulder length hair cut straight or slightly stepped.


    Hairstyles and styling: A long bob supports numerous looks. For example an ultra-feminine updo with retro volume à la Audrey Hepburn. The hairstyle perfectly reflects the sensuous and classic Taurus disposition.


    You will find styling instructions for romantic retro hairstyles here:

    Star Signs and Hairstyles


    Star Signs and Hairstyles: Gemini (21st May – 21st June)

    A typical Gemini is curious, versatile, communicative and creative. He rarely examines the past, preferring to look to the future with optimism. Sometimes he lacks a sense of reality and consistency – he escapes from everyday life into another world. The Gemini star sign seldom shows weakness on the outside and always maintains a lively, relaxed and prickling façade.


    Haircut: Gemini needs space to think, room to absorb and process all and any inspiration. A bare forehead is therefore part of an ideal Gemini hairstyle. The air sign with a love for experimentation is always searching for transformation and surprises as well – so a long mane provides Gemini with exactly the right measure for playful styling.


    Hairstyles and styling: Two criteria define the perfect Gemini hairstyle: Non-committal and fun! Exactly right: A clever tuck-in style (with the lengths of hair tucked into the collar). It emphasises the uncomplicated, dynamic and trendy nature.


    The versatility of the tuck-in style is illustrated here:

    Sternzeichen und Frisuren


    Star Signs and Hairstyles: Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July)

    Cancer is surrounded by creative chaos and great friendliness. His world is always a bit more loveable. Fresh and natural, the water sign strolls through life, constantly on the search for absolute bliss. With its emotional strength and sensibility, the Cancer star sign is perceived as very likeable.


    Haircut: The emotional Cancer feels most comfortable with long hair. A soft cut with the hair protectively flattering the face lends self-confidence and a feeling of security.


    Hairstyles and styling: Less is more! A centre parting with a soft sweep perfectly balances the casual mood of Cancer. The hair should appear natural and fresh. That is how Cancer feels most comfortable.


    We reveal how to create a (discreet) sleek look here:

    Star Signs and Hairstyles

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    Star Signs and Hairstyles: Leo (23rd July – 23rd August)

    Leo tends to be a predominant creature that loves to take centre stage and present itself. Ambition, pride and optimism are among his character strengths, solidifying his exalted personality. Not losing control is important to him. Self-staging is part of Leo’s creative side, offering variety and entertainment.


    Haircut: A mane is part of Leo like stripes on a zebra. Long, voluminous and lively stepped hair is the right cut to visually emphasise the ideals of the fire sign.


    Hairstyles and styling: Show time! Aside from a wild, curly or lion’s mane, dramatic updos are also among this star sign’s favourite looks. Big hair is the key, so a messy updo is a good fit for the enthusiastic Leo. Extravagant styling with a hair band supplies the extra wow effect.


    We present instructions for updos here:

    Star Signs and Hairstyles

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    Star Signs and Hairstyles: Virgo (24th August – 23rd September)

    Virgo has both feet firmly on the ground, is aware of the facts and knows exactly where she wants to go in life. She has a keen eye for subtleties and an enviable sense of style. When she likes something, she loves to talk about it, exhibiting a very distinct attitude.


    Haircut: Long, short or bob length? Virgo has tried it all. She likes to slip into various roles and plays with her haircut as well as her styles.


    Hairstyles and styling: Highly modern and well thought out – not only are those typical Virgo characteristics, but also features of her ideal hairstyle: A curly cult cut like the shag (= a stepped cut styled close to the head) which has made a comeback is exactly right!


    Does short hair look good on her? Find out here!

    Star Signs and Hairstyles

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    Star Signs and Hairstyles: Libra (24th September – 23rd October)

    Libra is an aesthete and has a refined sense for the beautiful things in life. Her natural being is alluring and infectious to others. The star sign enjoys this recognition. How does Libra like to present herself? With plenty of creativity and inventiveness.


    Haircut: Libra has a sure sense of style and places great value on well styled hair without a lot of bells and whistles. A perfect, classic cut with clear structures and harmonious proportions visually harmonises with this balanced zodiac sign.


    Hairstyles and styling: Sleekly styled hair suits sophisticated Libra best. A straight (long) bob with an accurate fringe (blunt cut) highlights her creative vein.


    Here we show you step by step how to properly smooth your fringe:

    Star Signs and Hairstyles

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    Star Signs and Hairstyles: Scorpio (24th October – 22nd November)

    All or nothing is passionate Scorpio’s motto. He is driven to get to the bottom of things – with a consistently loyal attitude and absolute devotion. He strides through life self confidently, never avoiding conflict. Scorpio seldom leaves anything unsaid since honesty and openness are two of his most important principle.


    Haircut: A striking, appealing short haircut underscores Scorpio’s strong and uncompromising personality.


    Hairstyles and styling: A clear and purist hairstyle outside the mainstream is ideal for Scorpio. For example, a short cut/pixie with micro-fringe is ideal.


    We tell you all about the micro-fringe here:

    Sternzeichen und Frisuren

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    Star Signs and Hairstyles: Sagittarius (23rd November – 21st December)

    Sagittarius is an optimist with a healthy dose of self-confidence. He is generous, cosmopolitan and tolerant, highly valuing justice and truth. His fierce attitude tempts him to try to grow beyond himself. On occasion he may use the wrong tone. He is no lone warrior, greatly valuing the company of others.


    Haircut: Come what may! Sagittarius loves freedom and likes to wear his hair off the neck – short or pinned up. He prefers creative cuts that readily lend themselves to fresh new styles. That gives him the feeling of always being able to steer life in a new direction.


    Hairstyles and styling: Sagittarius loves change and playing with transformation. A modern updo like the elegant messy bun is both clever and classic.

    We present appealing chignon styles with long hair here:

    Star Signs and Hairstyles

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    Star Signs and Hairstyles: Capricorn (22nd December – 20th January)

    Capricorn looks reality in the eye and proves himself as a highly responsible contemporary. His behaviour towards other people is defined by reserve. But once Capricorn has developed trust, he reveals himself as a very loyal and reliable friend.


    Haircut: Capricorn is very tenacious when it comes to hair. Once he finds the right hairstyle, he usually sticks with it for a lifetime. A classic (long) bob is very convenient here since it is timeless and stylish.


    Hairstyles and styling: Centre parting, side parting, low parting – Capricorn is a parting lover and likes to change its position. Hair styled loosely behind the ears supports his no-frills, unagitated look.


    We reveal styling tips for partings here:

    Star Signs and Hairstyles

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    Star Signs and Hairstyles: Aquarius (21st January – 19th February)

    Open, spontaneous and understanding, Aquarius makes new acquaintances eagerly and quickly. Always in motion, he wants to realise his vision and consistently radiates creative spirit.


    Haircut: Long hair is a must for Aquarius. With a natural cut, he can live out his preference for ever-changing and modern hairstyles unimpeded.


    Hairstyles and styling: Simply wearing hair open is not exciting enough for Aquarius. Creative and original, extravagant and eccentric things have to happen on the head of the water sign! Here a wet look is the best choice: It always appears refreshing, elegant and sexy.


    Find out here how the wet look works:

    Star Signs and Hairstyles


    Star Signs and Hairstyles: Pisces (20th February – 20th March)

    Pisces is a philanthropist who dreams of all-encompassing solidarity. He is imaginative, sensitive and needs great security and safety to really come into his own.


    Haircut: Pisces women want to be appealing. They prefer long hair that emphasises femininity. Pisces usually forgoes straight lines since linearity is not a good match for a sensitive and dreamy nature.


    Hairstyles and styling: A romantic, braided hair crown with loose strands underscores the feminine character of the Pisces woman. The hairstyle flatters the face and allows the water sign to play with its charm.


    Step by step to the crown braid – we show you how it’s done here:

  • Styling Instructions for Hairstyles by Star Signs

    The hairstyles of the various star signs leave no wish unfulfilled. Here you will find an overview of hairstyles from Aries to Pisces, which you can do yourself:

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