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Women’s Favourite Hairstyle: Long Bob

Women’s favourite hairstyle: Long bob
Blonde or brunette – the long bob looks good on any woman
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Stars, trendsetters, style icons – everyone loves the lob! The trend hairstyle has become the blockbuster among bobs in the meantime. We show you what defines the long bob, who it looks good on and what makes it a true classic:

  • Long Bob: 
    With this haircut, the hair is cut to one length between the chin (original bob length) and shoulder.

  • Transition hairstyle? No way! The long bob has developed into a true classic and permanent feature in the hairstyle landscape. On the current trend charts, the extended bob is once again found near the top of the rankings. What makes the lob so popular? Clearly its versatility! It has even more talents:

    The long bob is a blockbuster because...

    ... one does not have to choose between a long mane and short cut.

    ... it is suitable for any hair.

    ... it is long enough for a great updo.

    ... it makes you look younger in next to no time.

    ... it can be glamorous (sleek) and casual (wavy) at the same time.

    ... it is styled in just a few easy steps.

    ... you always look up to date.

    ... with bob in the name, it simply has good genes.

  • Who Does the Long Bob Look Good On?

    Congratulations, you have found it: The haircut that looks good on everybody – no matter what your hair texture, face shape or style! Praise the lob!

  • Oval face:
    People with an oblong face are winners anyway, they can wear virtually any haircut successfully. The long bob supports the harmony of a uniformly shaped head, while the tips down to shoulder length flatter the slim contour. Styling tip: Wear a centre parting or long fringe.

    Round face: If you have a round face, it is best to choose a long bob version in the stepped cut. The frayed sections add some volume to the crown, shift the proportions and thereby make the face appear longer. Styling tip: A soft side parting or a long side fringe is a perfect fit.

    Edgy face: Women with an angular head need a soft contrast to compensate. A frayed, stepped long bob gently frames the face, softening the hard contours. Styling tip: Soft waves lend the lob a flattering flair.

  • A haircut takes over the world: Bloggers, models and stars – everyone is giving their long bob passion free rein. The most beautiful examples in our gallery:

  • Favourite Hairstyle: Long bob

    Women’s favourite hairstyle: Long bob

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    Long bob: Nikki Phillips

    Cool and simple: Styling multi-talent Nikki Phillips has said farewell to the long mane and now wears the trendy long bob. Her new signature styling: A wild, casual side parting, blunt ends and ultralight beach waves. What do you need for this hairstyle? Heat protectant spray, a curling iron and away you go

    Women’s favourite hairstyle: Long bob

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    Long bob: Irena Sidorova

    Laid-back and smart: Irena Sidorova inspires with a lob that is elegant and straight to collarbone length. What makes the look modern: A centre parting and slight wave. For this style, blow-dry your hair over a round brush, alternately turning the tips in or out. The front section gets a different twist starting at the height of the cheekbones. Highlights are created by the it-girl with a touch of lightly coloured tips in the ombré style

    Women’s favourite hairstyle: Long bob

    © Getty Images  

    Long bob: Elizabeth Olsen

    Elizabeth Olsen knows the right twist: While the actress usually showed herself with a long mane in the sleek or undone look in the past, she now presents herself with the curled long bob. And earns plenty of compliments. For the curly look, apply heat protectant spray to the hair and then wrap individual strands around the curling iron. Finally loosen everything up with your fingers and secure with hair spray. The curly bob is slightly teased at the hairline for even more volume

    Women’s favourite hairstyle: Long bob

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    Long bob: Chloë Sevigny

    Long, short, long bob: Chloë Sevigny is a true hair chameleon. But she likes the lob version especially well. The actress wears the trend hairstyle sleek with a slight asymmetry (longer in front). A fancy zig-zag parting presenting the dark hairline (trend!) to best advantage creates the casual look. An extra portion of gloss spray on the lengths and the lob is shining

    Women’s favourite hairstyle: Long bob

    © Getty Images  

    Long bob: Catwalk

    Ready for the fashion show: The long bob was declared a favourite at Fashion Week! Hardly a label or designer failed to feature the it-hairstyle – the mid-length hair simply looks good with the new fashions! With the British label Sibling for example the lob was pepped up with a frayed micro-fringe and futuristic hair band – the hair eye-catcher of the 2016 spring/summer season