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Hair Styles on the Fly: The Fastest Hair Styles to Find Anywhere

Quick Hairstyles: The World's Fastest Hairdos
A sure-fire hit: Hair loosely tied into a quick chignon – for the cool, casual look
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Sleeping until the last minute, spontaneously grabbing something from your closet and getting an espresso to go: you never have enough time in the morning? If so, elaborate hair styling is clearly out of the question. We have fast, attractive hairdos for long, mid-length and short hair

  • Not an early riser? Then you know the problem: there is never enough time for elaborate hair styling. Everything has to be fast. To make things worse: hair does what it wants in the morning, and may stick out wildly in all directions – especially with short or mid-length cuts. Taming and styling your hair can be arduous. Fortunately we have express solutions and quick tips for your beauty routine.

    Emergency measures: apply some dry shampoo to short hair and get it under control by brushing against the direction of growth with a paddle brush.
    Four large Velcro or heated curlers help if your hair is chin length or longer. Wrap the top hair in wide sections, blow dry briefly and then let it cool while you apply your morning makeup.
    Going to bed with a ponytail tied very high on the crown (not too tight please!) helps with long hair. It should not bother you during the night and keeps stubborn hair from sticking out.
    Also good: instead of a hair elastic, use a narrow silk scarf or one of the popular spiral hair elastics to tie up your hair, relatively loosely, so there are no ugly pressure marks in the morning.

    For more tips and high-speed hair styling ideas, please visit our gallery.

  • Quick Styles for Hair of all Lengths

    Quick Hairstyles: The World's Fastest Hairdos

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    Quick Style for Long Hair: Ponytail

    All-round talent: a ponytail tied high on the head and wrapped with a strand of hair is perfect for everyday wear. With the right styling, it even has the potential to be glamorous.

    How it's done: the best way is to gather your hair upside-down into a ponytail, leaving out a strand. Tie up the ponytail with a hair elastic, take the strand you left out and wrap it around so the hair elastic is covered. Secure the whole thing with a bobby pin and you are done! Extra tip: for excellent hold and lots of volume, insert two or three bobby pins vertically into the base of the wrapped ponytail

    Quick Hairstyles: The World's Fastest Hairdos

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    Quick Style for Long Hair: Braids

    Really simple but looks elaborate: two braids! The Gretel style is the perfect secret weapon to make you look good, especially if your hair is sticking out in all directions and you have a case of bed head.

    How it's done: form a centre parting and comb the hair straight. Part the lengths into two sections and start braiding each of them around ear height. Secure the ends with hair elastics (ideally: transparent or matching your hair colour)

    Quick Hairstyles: The World's Fastest Hairdos

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    Quick Style for Mid-Length Hair: Tied Low

    So easy and becoming: the ponytail tied low at the back of the neck is surely the queen of speed styles. This minimalist hairdo (that can be worn with a centre or side parting) works without a lot of styling effort.

    How it's done: comb out the hair, gather it to the back and tie it into a ponytail at the back of the neck. Trendsetters also wear the hair lying over the ears on the sides

    Quick Hairstyles: The World's Fastest Hairdos

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    Quick Style for Mid-Length Hair: Chignon to the Power of Two

    When you are in a hurry, the two hair knots are doubly ideal: easy to tie and twice as stylish!

    How it's done: part your hair into two sections and tie high pigtails respectively on the left and right. Wrap, twist or twirl each side into a knot, securing them with bobby pins


    Quick Hairstyles: The World's Fastest Hairdos


    Quick Style for Short Hair: Sleek Look

    Time may be limited, but you can still make a great impression: short hair is perfect for several exciting hairdos you can create in next to no time. Our favourite: the cool, gelled-back sleek look.

    How it's done: apply a hazelnut sized amount of gel to your hair and distribute it through the lengths by combing them back. Repeat this process until you achieve the desired sleek factor

    Quick Hairstyles: The World's Fastest Hairdos

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    Quick Style for Short Hair: The Undone Look

    You wake up looking tousled in the morning – why not use this as the basis for your style, simply refining and perfecting it a little? The undone look works especially well with short hair and makes a modern bubi statement.

    How it's done: apply some volumising powder to your hair and distribute it generously with your fingertips. The more you tousle the hairdo, the more extreme the messy look becomes