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Calendar of Fresh Hairstyle Ideas

Hairstyle Ideas for 2015
Loosely pushed back hair is ideal for a relaxed start into the New Year
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Our hairstyle calendar gets you started on fresh new hairstyles for every occasion throughout. We feature a minimalistic January hairstyle, casual summer hairstyles and special hairstyles for the year-end festivities. We hope you will enjoy our calendar with twelve hairstyles for twelve months

  • New Year’s Eve is the time to make plans and promise improvements. Our calendar offers plenty of suggestions to perk up your image with a new hairstyle. Better yet, we guarantee follow-through and success! After all, what could be more rewarding than testing new hairstyles and looking your best? We show you how to make the new styles work for you.

  • Hairstyle Ideas: Happy New Year!

    Times of quiet contemplation are important for success in the coming year. The year-end festivities are over. It is time to rest and look ahead. The minimalistic hairstyle without parting reflects this sentiment (see the photo above).

    Styling: Distribute a pea-sized dollop of hair gel on your fingertips and use your fingers to push your hair back. Apply hairspray to keep the hair in place.

    You find more hairstyles and styling instructions in our photo gallery.

  • Gallery: Ideas for Hairstyles

    2015 Hairstyle Ideas: Valentine’s Day (February)

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    Hairstyle Ideas: Valentine’s Day (February)

    Shiny side-swept hair flowing in well-defined waves over one shoulder will make your partner’s heart beat faster. This hairstyle is the perfect choice for your Valentine’s date.


    Styling Instructions: Apply heat protectant and styling mousse to your hair and create a side parting. Then use a curling iron to create large waves and curls. Use a small amount of gel on one side of the head to brush the side hair behind the ear and across the back so that the ends of all long hair fall over the opposite shoulder. Apply hairspray for longer hold

    2015 Hairstyle Ideas: Style for City Trip in March

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    Hairstyle Ideas: Style for City Trip in March

    Do you have a few vacation days for an exciting city trip in March? A simple but trendy hairstyle like a casual ponytail does not require much effort or time but still looks appealing for all your planned activities.


    Styling Instructions: Create a middle parting and apply a small amount of volumising powder to your hair. Use your fingertips to work the volumising powder through your hair from the roots to the ends. Then gather the hair to a casual low ponytail without combing or brushing your hair. Allow a few strands of front hair to escape the ponytail for a messy look

    Ideas for 2015: Ready for Rain or Shine in April

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    Hairstyle Ideas: Ready for Rain or Shine in April

    The weather in April may hold a few surprises. Come rain or shine, this flowing undone hairstyle will stand up to any weather.


    Styling Instructions: Create a middle parting and apply salt water spray to your damp hair. Then allow your hair to air-dry or use a hair dryer with diffuser attachment. Apply oil spray for extra lustre and texture

    2015 Hairstyles Ideas: Styles for the May Wedding

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    Hairstyles Ideas: Styles for the May Wedding

    May is the most popular month for wedding ceremonies. If you are looking for the dream of a bridal hairstyle look no further! We suggest wearing a bridal hairstyle with hairnet. Right now, retro style hairnets are trendy accessories.


    Styling Instructions: Hair nets can be used in various ways. Simply style your curls or edgy short hair as usual. Then gently apply a fine hair net for the finishing touch

    2015 Hairstyle Ideas: Festival Hairstyle in June

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    Hairstyle Ideas: Festival Hairstyle in June

    Visiting festivals promises carefree summer fun. Your hairstyle should be simple and playful for the occasion. Beach waves with flower crown reflect the festive atmosphere.


    Styling Instructions: Create a middle parting and apply salt water spray to your damp hair. Allow the hair to air-dry. Then apply hairspray and arrange the flower garland on your head

    Ideas for 2015 Hairstyles: Summer Festival in July

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    Hairstyle Ideas: Summer Festival in July

    Keeping a cool head in the heat of the summer is important. The wet look is a cool summer hairstyle solution for hot days.


    Styling Instructions: Comb your still damp hair straight and create a side parting. Then use your hands to work gel through your hair. Run your gel-covered fingers through your hair from the roots to the ends. Briefly blow-dry your hair and apply hairspray

    Ideas for 2015 Hairstyles: Vacation Time in August

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    Hairstyle Ideas: Vacation Time in August

    Summertime is vacation time. It is the time to re-discover the world in a relaxed way at the beaches, on top of the mountains, and along beautiful rivers and lakes. This is your chance to seek pleasure and adventure away from work. Hairstyles also have to be relaxed and spirited like this bandana wrapped hair. Bandanas partially protect hair from the sun.


    Styling Instructions: Apply volumising powder to your hair and style it into a chignon. Then wrap a bandana around your head about 1 ½ inches away from the hairline. Fasten the bandana with a knot or bow on one side of your head

    2015 Style Ideas: Oktoberfest Starts in September

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    Hairstyle Ideas: Oktoberfest Starts in September

    'O’Zapftis' is a competition solely focussed on German beer brewing. It is part of the festivities around the early start of the Oktoberfest in mid-September. This is the time when Bavarians and Oktoberfest visitors rediscover traditional braided hairstyles such as crown braids and simple schoolgirl braids. In some countries, these hairstyles are known as 'Heidi Hair'. Braids and crown braids easily survive the long hours of Oktoberfest exuberance from dawn to dusk.


    Styling Instructions: Apply styling mousse to your towel-dry hair and blow-dry it. Create a parting anywhere on your head and start braiding on both sides of the parting. Then drape these two braids into a crown along the hairline. Hide the ends of the braid underneath the crown and secure the crown braid using bobby pins. Apply hairspray and get ready for the festivities!

    2015 Style Ideas: Asking for a Raise in October

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    Hairstyle Ideas: Asking for a Raise in October

    Asking for a raise is not easy. How is it done with the greatest chance of success? Aside from providing valuable services, a professional, serious, confident demeanour and appearance are also crucial. We show a sleek hairstyle, which will enhance your image as a professional. The hair ends are tucked into the oversized collar of a turtleneck sweater.


    Styling Instructions: Create an accurate middle parting and apply heat protectant to your hair. Use a flat iron to straighten your hair strand by strand. Finally, tuck the ends of your hair into the turtleneck collar

    2015 Hairstyle Ideas: Well Covered in November

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    Hairstyle Ideas: Well Covered in November

    In many places of the world, November is known for finicky, stormy weather and early cold spells. Hats are a fashionable way to protect your head and hair. Suitable for hat-wearers are undone updos, sleek open hair, and wild waves. A carefully chosen hat is an impressive fashion statement.


    Styling Instructions: Style your hair as desired and put the hat on top of it. What could be easier?

    2015 Hairstyles Ideas: Christmas Party in December

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    Hairstyles Ideas: Christmas Party in December

    December is filled with celebrations like Christmas and New Year’s Eve. At the turn of the year, the old spirits are noisily driven out to give way to new beginnings. This is the time to use fashion for colour and fun. Our party hairstyle suggestion is an undone faux undercut.


    Styling Instructions: Apply heat protectant to your hair before using a curling iron to create soft waves. Create a low side parting and drape the covering hair from the roots toward one side of the head. On the opposite side of the head, apply hair gel to style the hair close to the scalp. Gather the hair from both sides in the back and shape it into a low chignon (or a ponytail). Allow a strand of hair opposite the faux undercut to escape the updo or ponytail hairstyle. Apply hairspray for secure hold