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Using Hair Oil for Trendy Summer Hairstyles

Using Oil to Create Summer Hairstyles
Constance Joblonski`s long undone waves dazzle with a golden shimmer. Use conditioning hair oil with gold particles to create this look
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You may not have considered using hair oil for summer hairstyles – until now. The texture of some of today’s hair oils is light enough to use them for summer hairstyles. You may like to use a hair oil product with shimmering particles for extra glamour. We show you how to use hair oil to create beautiful summer hairstyles

  • This summer, the use of unique hair oils with added glitter effect re-emerges as a trend again. Hair oils have a long history of being effective hair and scalp conditioners. Today’s glamour hair oils provide golden shimmer effects along with silky lustre. We show you how the careful use of hair oil improves your styling and the texture of your hair.

  • Using Hair Oil to Style Summer Hairdos – How Hair Oil Benefits Hair

    A whisper-thin film of sebum protects healthy hair against damaging influences. After this protective layer is lost, hair is vulnerable to structural damage. Soon it will be brittle, look dull, and the hair ends will split easily. Hair oil products replace the lost natural sebum film around every hair with a protective thin layer of oil.

  • Using Hair Oil for Styling Purposes – How to Use Hair Oil Properly

    Hair oil may be applied to dry or wet hair. No matter how you apply the oil, it is important to use it sparingly and only apply it to the hair ends. The oil cleans and conditions if you apply it before shampooing. If applied after shampooing, the oil product moisturises and restores the hair’s natural lustre. Distribute a small amount of oil in the palms of your hands and gently stroke your palms over your dry hair for a perfect finish.

    Please enjoy the photos of summer hairstyles in our gallery. We provide tips on how to apply hair oil products to create the hairstyles.

  • Gallery: Styling Hair Using Hair Oil Products

    Styling with Hair Oil Products: Elizabeth Jagger

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    Styling with Hair Oil: Tamed Curls

    Hair oil tames Elizabeth Jagger’s wild curls and adds glamorous lustre to her hairstyle.


    Styling Tip: Curls can take a tad more hair oil than straight hair. Simply distribute the hair oil in the palms of your hands and then work the oil through your dry or towel-dry hair

    Styling with Hair Oil Products: Harley Viera

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    Styling with Hair Oil: Undone Long Hair

    Even casually styled hair needs extra care during the summer months. As shown here by It-girl Harley Viera-Newton, hair oil keeps the ends of long hair supple and silky and it provides dazzling glow.


    Styling Tip: Simply work a few droplets of hair oil product into the hair ends and enjoy the healthy appearance of your hair

    Styling with Hair Oil Products: Julianne Hough

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    Styling with Hair Oil: Relaxed Summer Updo

    Julianne Hough piled her hair into an upbeat updo. Hair oil provides the healthy glow for a touch of glamour.


    Styling Tip: Mix a few droplets of oil into the shampoo. This will turn your daily shampoo into a conditioning treatment

    Styling with Hair Oil: Elsa Pataky

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    Styling with Hair Oil: Brilliant Finish to a Short Hairstyle

    Elsa Pataky uses oil to give her short hair the desired supple nature and extra glow.


    Styling Tip: Distribute a few drops of hair oil in the palms of your hands before gently stroking over your hair

    Styling with Hair Oil: Braided Ponytail

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    Styling with Hair Oil: The Braided Ponytail

    While you enjoy your time in the summer sun you may like to protect your hair with hair oil rather than wearing a protective summer hat. Our model applied hair oil before braiding her long, side-swept ponytail.


    Styling Tipp: Gently work some hair oil through your hair before styling and braiding it