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Fine hair: Presenting the Best Cuts

Fine Hair: Cuts
A few layers in front plus waves: moderator Fearne Cotton shows how to make fine hair fuller!
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Women with fine hair face a bit of a challenge when it comes to the cut and styling. Yet this is easily overcome with a few tricks: the right haircuts make the hair much fuller. Combined with suitable care and volume boosters, flat hair becomes a thing of the past! A fine thing, right?

  • Those who choose the sleek look as their favourite style can easily live with fine hair. But what if hair slicked smooth against the skull simply does not suit you? What if you want a change? Then you should first consider the length of your hair. Do you have the right cut for your fine hair? Some cuts make fine hair look more flattering and even add volume to the mane! Visit our gallery for the best of them!

  • The Best Cuts for Fine Hair

    Fine Hair: Cuts

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    Fine hair: Soft Layered Cut with no Fringe

    Reese Witherspoon has managed to grow her fine hair out into a long mane. Her hairdo looks great because it is based on a good cut. The blonde has cut her hair to one length. Only at the front was the hair layered slightly so it falls nicely and to make the hairstyle more dynamic.


    Styling tip: volumising foam and the right blow drying technique make the texture of fine hair fuller. First blow dry against the direction of growth, then style in the desired direction!

    Fine Hair: Cuts

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    Fine Hair: Layered Long Hair with Fringe

    Channing Tatum’s wife, the actress Jenna Dewan Tatum, also wears her fine hair long with a few soft layers. The waves enliven the look and make the hair appear fuller. It goes great with the diagonal fringe.


    Styling tip: Blow dry the hair over a round brush at the hairline so it does not lie flat. If your hair has no natural waves, simply use a curling iron! You can “fluff up” your hair with volumising powder where you want to.

    Fine Hair: Cuts

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    Fine Hair with Bob Cut

    The bob cut is a great choice when fine hair gets frayed starting at shoulder length. Blunt cutting the hair – all in one length without any layering – gives it really nice volume. A dark hairline and streaks visually add depth to the look.


    Styling ideas: this cut is great for many volume versions! For instance, the hair can be pinned up loosely on the side (seen with Liza Weil of the “Gilmore Girls”). Those who want to reach higher start the fringe down low and loosely style it into a side flip. Or blow dry the lengths to the outside, hinting at slight feathering – this makes the style a bit impudent in addition to adding volume.

    Fine Hair: Cuts

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    Fine Hair: Short Layered Cut

    A structured short cut with different lengths is also ideal for women with fine hair. The layered cut can be shortened as desired and even cut as a pixie. French actress Audrey Tautou lends extra volume and nonchalance to the hairdo with her natural curls. 


    Styling tip: with short hair, try using your fingers instead of the brush for modelling! Volumising powder creates a push-up effect in the hair. Simply work it in where you want the hair to be fuller, at the hairline and possibly on the sides!

    Fine Hair: Cuts

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    Undercut for Fine Hair

    Bold women with fine hair choose an undercut like actress Tilda Swinton. The contrast between the shorn sides and long hair on top automatically creates the impression of volume in the top hair. Naturally this look also works with only one side shorn in the side cut.


    Styling tip: to make the fringe stand up better, blow dry the hair away from the hairline over a round brush. Hairspray holds the hairdo in place and adds brilliant gloss.

  • The Best Cuts for Fine Hair

    You have two options with fine hair: either have the hair cut blunt to one length, ideally between earlobe and shoulder height. Or have the hairdresser slightly layer your hair. In a long mane, layers are best placed on the sides so the hairstyle falls nicely at the front and the rest of the fine hair retains enough fullness. Short to mid-length hair can be feathered to create added volume. The right styling does the rest (see below for tips). Pixie, bob, long bob or long hairstyle: fine hair should be trimmed every four to six weeks to prevent the look from going fuzzy. 

  • Colour Reflections for More Fullness

    The right cut is crucial when dealing with fine hair. Playing with colours is another possibility to visually create more depth. Streaks for example provide changing reflections and literally add “highlights” to fine hair.

  • The Best Care for Fine Hair

    It is important to customise care for your fine hair, choosing products tailored to the special needs of your mane. While washing you should make sure to only apply the shampoo at the hairline and the conditioner only to the lengths so the hair is not weighed down unnecessarily. Care products with keratin are good for fine hair since the protein strengthens the hair.

  • Volume Boosters

    Fine hair can really exhibit power. Two invisible accomplices are usually behind this: volumising foam and volumising powder. They can be used individually or as joined forces (see video below). Another booster: proper blow drying of fine hair, directly away from the hairline and against the direction the hair grows or falls. This makes the hairdo stand up. You should change the fringe position often as well so this section does not lie flat. Soft waves and curls also make fine hair wonderfully dynamic. 

    You want volume for fine hair – and you want it now? The video shows you in what order and where to best apply little helpers like volumising shampoo and hair powder to achieve a great effect:

  • Video: Care Routine for Fine Hair