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Five Fast Hairdos for Mid-Length Hair

Five Fast Hairdos for Mid-Length Hair
Creating the strands seen on Michael Kor’s catwalk at home is a snap: simply form a low side parting and define individual sections with hair wax
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Happy Monday! Great news to kick off your week: You can stay in bed longer. With our five well-rested Monday morning hairdos, starting your day in style is a snap – all in less than five minutes. We show you how it works in mid-length hair

  • Time flies when you’re having fun: The weekend is over and your alarm clock summons you for your everyday routine (school, university, work...). Here we often have one thought and plea: 'Five more minutes!'
    We want to give you those five minutes and maybe even more. You can save time styling your hair and look great anyway – no worries! Fast, simple and stylish is the name of the game with our five-minute hairdos. The popular styles presented here are perfect for mid-length hair and look more elaborate than they really are.

    Do you have five minutes? Check out our top five in the gallery, the clock is ticking...

  • Five Fast Styles for Mid-Length Hair

    Five Fast Hairdos for Mid-Length Hair

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    Loose Half-Up

    Go fifty-fifty in the morning for a change, getting you out of the house fast and looking great. The casual half-up reveals itself as an effortless everyday hairdo that can handle a few stray hairs. Thanks to the small knot, it always looks young and modern while shoulder-length hair gives it a feminine twist.

    How it’s done: Add some volumising powder to the top layer of hair for extra grip, gather it near the top at the back of the head and tie it into a simple loop. Then pluck out few strands at the hairline to loosen the hairdo so does not look too severe. Finally you can secure the knot with bobby pins or hairspray to make sure it stays on top all day

    Five Fast Hairdos for Mid-Length Hair

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    Ponytail of the Hour

    Minimalist looks are ideal in two ways when you are in a hurry. Not only is reduced styling quick to do, it also happens to be totally in vogue right now. Here the low ponytail is our favourite hairdo. A classic that is very popular at the moment. Simple, classy and distinctive all rolled into one. A small twist adds an extra effect. And takes next to no time...

    How it’s done: Spray heat protectant all over your hair and get it in shape with a straightening iron. Form a centre parting. Comb your hair into a tidy ponytail low at the back of the head. Before tying it up with a hair elastic, take out a strand of hair from the front on the left and right sides. Now secure the ponytail with a hair elastic. Twirl the two loose strands (twist them towards the head), lay them close along the hairline, cross the ends over each other and wrap them around the hair elastic. Secure with bobby pins and apply hairspray. Finished!

    Five Fast Hairdos for Mid-Length Hair

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    Curly Ends

    How can you finish styling quickly? Present the ends! Slight curls at the tips of your hair give your look a new twist: This delicate eye-catcher appears beautifully natural, transforming mid-length, open, side-swept hair into a sophisticated, ladylike look. 

    How it’s done: Lay the hair over the shoulder on one side and use a curling iron to twist only the ends (starting around chin height). Apply hairspray to finish

    Five Fast Hairdos for Mid-Length Hair

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    New Waves

    You have straight hair or want to revive your curls without a lot of effort? Then this soft wave styling is exactly right for you. This hairdo adds volume, is quick to style and leaves a lasting impression. Soft waves in the relaxed undone look give your shoulder-length mane a whole new appearance – we like it!

    How it’s done: Distribute volumising foam in damp hair and blow dry it. Make a few tight braids (at least four). Quickly pull the braids through the straightening iron several times. Allow to cool briefly, then open them up again and brush out your hair

    Five Fast Hairdos for Mid-Length Hair

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    Glamorous Gel Style

    Even extravagant styles can be created quickly. One of these is the 2-in-1 look, super slick at the crown with voluminous ends – ideal for mid-length hair! Combined with clean, unagitated outfits like a black pant suit or jumpsuit, this dual hairdo is great for everyday wear and even looks respectable.

    How it’s done: Form an accurate centre parting and smooth down the hair with gel close to the head all the way to the ears. You can secure the sides with a bobby pin behind the ear if needed. Then apply hairspray to the lengths and ends from underneath and knead them into shape as desired

  • Extra Tips for Even Faster Styling

    - There’s no time like the present... To save time in the morning, you can do some styling steps like washing your hair the evening before. The best thing about that: Your hair is no longer as fine the next morning as right after washing, making it easier to style, and your hairdo will last longer too.

    - Alternatively you can also use a dry shampoo if you have to skip washing your hair due to time constraints. This makes your hair look fresh and beautiful again in the twinkling of an eye and also adds grip for easier styling.

    - Pamper your mane with copious beauty sleep by using an overnight treatment every now and then. This not only enhances the effect of serums, oils and similar products, but also gives your hairdo a fresh, silky sheen in the morning.

    - For an alluring look, braid your hair before you go to sleep. Depending on how many braids you make, the result will always be different: Numerous small, tightly braided strands of hair appear crimped in the morning while a few loose braids conjure up soft waves. Simply open up the braids again the next morning, shake out your hair and then secure it with hairspray.