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Trendy Looks 2017
  • Star Signs and Hairstyles

    Star Signs and Hairstyles

    Aquarius is open to new things, Sagittarius goes his own way, Virgo stays true to herself ... Not only do we tell you what is written in the stars, but also which hairstyle suits your zodiac sign. Our hair horoscope has the right style prediction for every star sign

    Hairstyle Horoscope
  • Fine Hair: Cuts

    Fine Hair: Presenting the Best Cuts

    Women with fine hair face a bit of a challenge when it comes to the cut and styling. Yet this is easily overcome with a few tricks: the right haircuts make the hair much fuller. Combined with suitable care and volume boosters, flat hair becomes a thing of the past!

    A Fine Thing
  • Layered Haircuts

    Layered Cuts: From Short to Long

    Curly or sleek, bob or mane, short or long, fine or thick, with fringe or without: layered cuts are suitable for any hair, not to mention they are really uncomplicated. We present the most appealing layered cuts of celebrities and disclose the best styling tricks

    Step by Step
  • Oktoberfest Hair

    Oktoberfest Hair: Down-To-Earth Styling Ideas

    What are the new hairstyle trends for Wiesn 2016? Traditional, modern, cool and classy! We put you in the best Oktoberfest mood: with all the latest do-it-yourself hairstyles for the dirndl and lederhosen – everything from the floral crown braid to the glamorous Gretel braid

    Festively Dolled Up
  • Quick Hairstyles: The World's Fastest Hairdos

    Quick Hairstyles: Styling in a Hurry

    Sleeping until the last minute and grabbing an espresso leaves no time for a balanced beauty and hair care program... Your mornings are too rushed for elaborate hairdos? We present quick hairstyles that are ready in next to no time

    Express Hairstyles
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