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The 2016 Beard Guide

2016 Beard Guide: Brad Pitt with a moustache
Bearded Brad: From the anchor to the moustache – the actor can wear anything
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From the Fu Manchu to the chin curtain: What looks good on men’s faces this year? We present the season’s beard trends and explain the hottest looks cut by cut. Also: washing, trimming and twirling – the best care tips and styling tricks for fashionable bearded men

Good prospects for growth: Beards are very popular again in 2016, enriching men’s styling with different variations and lengths. To see what beard types are especially hot right now, what defines them and how to style them, visit our gallery:

  • The 2016 Beard Trends

    2016 Beard Guide: three-day beard

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    The Three-Day Beard

    This look is well received – by women and men! Why? It looks attractive, casual and yet well-kempt. Unshaven continues to make a style statement. With the three-day beard, facial hair should be 0.5 to 4 mm long so the skin is still visible underneath. The stubble can cover the chin, the area around the mouth and the lower cheeks. Whether the popular unshaven look actually takes three, six or ten days depends entirely on the wearer’s natural beard growth. Once the desired length is reached, it’s time to use a trimmer. This styling tool quickly and easily cuts beard hair back to the favourite length and keeps the facial contours clean and distinguished. Striking, masculine, excellent!

    2016 Beard Guide: the Fu Manchu

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    The Fu Manchu

    A certain Dr. Fu Manchu, the main character in a series of novels with the same name by mystery story author Sax Rohmer and their film versions, is the namesake of this beard. Trademark of the cult figure constantly attempting to achieve world dominance: the narrow moustache reaching below the chin (hanging down loosely). The cheeks and chin are smoothly shaven for the significant style and only a narrow, elongated moustache remains. For the typical Fu Manchu, one has to let the moustache grow and keep whipping it into the desired shape with a trimmer. Those proficient enough can also use a sharp razor since the original is very thin. Who can wear it? Anyone really. However, this horseshoe-shaped moustache works especially well with oval and round faces, since it makes the head shape appear slimmer. The Fu Manchu lends contour to the face and character to the man. Often it is also combined with a long, pointed goatee

    2016 Beard Guide: the chin curtain

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    The Chin Curtain

    This beard version is also known as the Lincoln (after the famous wearer Abraham Lincoln) or the Donegal. Regardless of the name, the beard runs along the line of the jaw, joining the sideburns and quasi framing the face. The hip and expressive fringe of hair extending from ear to ear radiates self-confidence. The fuller version of the chinstrap is especially well suited for narrow facial shapes, adding fullness and contour due to the dense growth of hair on the cheeks and chin. For the cultivated chin curtain, wear a full beard with no moustache – shave the upper lips and cheeks smooth and trim the beard hairs to a moderate length

    2016 Beard Guide: the anchor

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    The Anchor

    The gentleman among beards: This modern facial hairstyle consists of a vertical strip in the middle of the chin that transitions to a pointed beard. Altogether it looks something like a downward-pointing arrow or of course an anchor. This beard style is often combined with a refined moustache. You want to drop anchor? Once again, starting with a full beard is the easiest way to accomplish this look: Let it grow for a few weeks and then shave the cheeks sharply down to the jaw line – wet shaving is best to keep these sections smooth in the future as well. Then fine-tune the contours with a trimmer. To complete this smart beard, you can shape the hair (especially the moustache and at the tip of the chin) with a bit of wax

    2016 Beard Guide: the Hollywoodian

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    The Hollywoodian

    Luxury edition of the beard: Hollywood stars like Christian Bale and Robert Downey Junior made this facial hairstyle popular and trendy. The Hollywoodian is based on the full beard, but not just an ordinary one – it is all about the well-kempt, classy Hollywood look. To keep the edges consistently clear and well defined, this beard style has to be trimmed and shaped daily. Parts of the cheeks are smoothly shaven as well, for a confident and classy appearance. Especially important for the star of beards: washing and subsequently rinsing the beard. That makes the facial hair soft and supple. Here a beard comb and wax add the final touch

  • The Best Beard Care Tips

    • Wash your beard regularly. Special beard shampoo would be ideal but a mild hair shampoo also does the trick. Shower gel is not suitable since it strips away natural oils and can dry out your facial hair.
    • Pamper your skin and (beard) hair with a facial peeling now and then. With regular application, it reduces the number of ingrown hairs.
    • Sometimes skin gets irritated in response to beard growth and begins to itch. Avoid scratching in this case, since it only worsens the problem. It is better use a light moisturising cream to ease the itch and care for your skin.
    • Transform wiry to velvety: Beard oil makes both the facial hair and skin supple in addition to balancing the complexion. Drizzle two or three drops on the fingertips and gently massage it into your beard.