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Trendy Looks 2017

For Real Men: The Styling Guide

Rules are widely underrated. Sometimes, they even improve life. This is doubly true for styling your hair. Here you find ten very worthwhile styling rules for men’s hair. If you think you can do without rules, think again! Try them, and you never want to do without these rules again.

  • Christmas for Men with Style

    Christmas for Men with Style

    A festive look for men is in demand for the upcoming holidays! Choosing a chic hairstyle is essential in addition to a smart outfit. But what does that look like this year? Curled, gelled, slick and easy to style – we give the gift of the best festive hairstyles:

    Cool Christmas
  • Hairstyles for Men: Surfer Style

    Hairstyles for Men: Surfer Style

    Beach waves are not only trendy among women, this casual holiday style is popular among men as well! Learn how to bring the Beach Boys' added coolness to the city, and how the surfer style works in hair of any length

    Beach Style for Your Hair
  • Comb-over: Side Parting Style for Men

    Comb-over: Side Parting Style for Men

    Keep it consistent? To wear the popular gentleman's look, combing the top hair accurately to one side is essential. The elegant, trendy hairdo with the side parting is known as the comb-over. Why you should take note of this style…

    Side Parting
  • Men’s Hair Styles

    Hairstyles For Men: Looks, Styling Tips & Tricks

    Man’s business is all about the head. Especially when it comes to hair! Styles, cuts, colours. How can men highlight their type with their hairstyle and present themselves to best advantage? Easy

    Men Only
  • Fade Haircuts

    Fade Haircuts

    How to give classic men’s haircuts a modern touch? Simple, just thin the hair! Fading is in: Fade haircuts, with the sides cut increasingly shorter from top to bottom or shaved, have what it takes for a 2016 men’s hair hit. Presenting the top cuts

    Fade My Day
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