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Naturally Lightening Hair Colour

Naturally lightening hair colour
Lightness and joy: Lightening our hair makes us radiant
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Put the sun in your hair! Radiant hues not only lighten our mane but also our mood! In addition to effective brighteners and sprays from the beauty section, there are natural methods that can lighten hair by fine nuances – as a little bright spot for in between

  • Would you like your hair to be a touch lighter? Easy as pie! Special brighteners that make your hair radiant with intensive care and extra gloss are particularly effective. But for those who want to try a natural method, we have a few simple household remedies: honey, cinnamon, lemon, salt water, camomile, baking powder and vinegar – seven things you can find in any household that have proven themselves as real insider tips for natural brightening. Gently do it yourself:

  • Honey

    The sweet all-rounder has a brightening effect in hair. This is due to the glucose oxidase enzyme in honey. It converts glucose and oxygen to hydrogen peroxide that naturally preserves the honey. It is also the same substance used by hairdressers to bleach hair. For application at home, it is best to mix the honey with conditioner, making it easier to distribute. Then put a warm wrap around your head, for example a heated towel, so the enzymes can work even more intensively. Ideally let it work overnight and then rinse thoroughly. The honey brightening treatment is ideal to refresh your hair occasionally. Beautiful shimmer and care included.

  • Salt Water

    Spring, summer, autumn or winter – who wouldn’t want holiday hair kissed by the sun all year round. Fortunately that happens to be simple – even without a beach outside your door. Simply dissolve some salt in water, bring it to a boil and distribute the cooled solution in your hair. Then get comfortable and let the mixture do its work. Sunlight further boosts the effect. Treat your hair to a rich nourishing treatment afterwards so it can regenerate.

  • Cinnamon

    This spice is suitable as a natural hair brightener, especially for brown hues. Mix equal parts of powdered cinnamon and hair rinse for application and spread the mixture evenly on moist hair. The paste should be allowed to work for at least six hours, and ideally be left in the hair overnight. Cling film or a shower cap prevents the cinnamon packing from being spread all over your bed. Finally wash everything out thoroughly with shampoo. Now the mane is brightened by fine nuances. A nice side effect: The hair smells pleasantly of cinnamon!

  • Camomile

    This natural remedy can also be used as a brightener, especially in blonde hair. Shimmering red and gold effects can be achieved with it in dark hair. Make a tea from dried camomile flowers or six camomile tea bags and one litre of boiling water. Allow the brew to cool and then use it to rinse your hair. It is best to let the camomile treatment work overnight. While the brightening effect will only be seen after several applications, you can enjoy the beautiful gloss right away.

  • Lemon

    Sour cheers you up – and lightens your hair: Lemons are especially effective. Their fruit acid opens the hair cuticle and decomposes the pigments it contains. To prevent the hair structure from being excessively affected, mixing the lemon juice with shampoo or conditioner and leaving the mixture in for no more than one hour is recommended. Then rinse thoroughly. 

  • Vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar in particular creates entirely new hues. Dilute the vinegar with water before applying it, that keeps the hair from drying out a lot. A 1:1 mixing ratio is ideal. Apply the vinegar solution to your hair and rinse thoroughly after allowing it to work for 15 minutes. Repeat the process once a week until a slight brightening effect is seen.

  • Baking Powder

    Baking powder is ideal if you want to remove excess dye from coloured hair. It can also be used to reverse unattractive yellowness or a red cast. How it’s done: Simply dilute two packages of baking powder in lukewarm water (about 250 ml) and knead the mixture into dry hair. Then firmly wrap a towel around your head, allow the treatment to work for about 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly.