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Trendy Looks 2017
  • Hairstyles with Hair Clips

    Hairstyles with Hair Clips

    They keep the fringe under control, tame loose strands of hair, help with updos and serve as pretty eye-catchers in our hair: bobby pins and similar hair accessories are more than just handy styling helpers. From a perfectly tamed mane to glamorous water waves – we reveal the tricks for creative hairdos with hair clips

    Hair Clip, please
  • What Fringe Looks Good On Me?

    What Fringe Looks Good On Me?

    From micro to long – we reveal what fringe looks best on you. The only thing you need to know is your facial shape. Round, oval, heart-shaped, angular...? Find out – along with the matching fringe hairstyle!

    Open the Curtain
  • Short Cuts for Wavy Hair

    Short Cuts for Wavy Hair

    You have wavy hair and are considering a short cut? No problem! We have ravishingly beautiful proof that these two go very well together. You will also learn what to watch for while cutting, blow drying and styling so everything fits

    On Short-Wave
  • How to Tame Cowlicks

    How to Tame Cowlicks

    Cowlicks can really get on our nerves while cutting and styling. Yet there is no need to give up on your dream hairstyle – all you need is the right twist! We provide helpful hints for cleverly concealing or even taming bothersome cowlicks

    Do the Twist!
  • Deep Cleaning: Hair Detox

    Deep Cleaning: Detox for your Hair

    Droopy, tired, stressed? Say goodbye to the winter blues with a deep cleaning: Free your hair of unnecessary ballast and transform it from dull to brilliant! Beauty detox for your head – here is how the effective wellness treatment for your hair works

    Detox Treatment
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