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Did you know this? Surprising Titbits on Hair

The Surprising Low-Down on Hair
Not all hair is created equal. Nature gives us our hair attributes. All else is a matter of good care
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Did you know that blondes have the largest number of hairs on their heads? Did you ever do the math on Rapunzel’s hair? It would have taken Rapunzel several hundred years to grow her fairy tale hair to full length. Join us in our discovery of the interesting, curious and amazing facts on hair

  • Yards and more yards of hair on the head of an infant only exist in fairy tales. In real life, hair grows only between 0.2 and 0.4 mm (8 – 16 thousands of an inch) per day or about one centimetre (0.4") per month. Currently, the US American Diane Witt from Massachusetts holds the record as the woman with the longest hair. The hair of this US Rapunzel measures almost four metres (4.4'). Only one person ever beat Diane Witt's record. By the end of the 1940s the hair of the Indian Swami Pandarasandhi was reported to measure a grand total of 7.93 metres (8.67').

  • Redheads Have Fewer Hairs

    Blondes are lucky; on average they have the largest number of hairs on their head. While blonde women have an average of 150,000 hairs, the average redhead counts only 90,000 hairs on her head. On average, women with brown or black hair count about 110,000 or 100,000 hairs, respectively. We must point out though, that blonde women also have the finest hair. Usually, naturally black hair is especially thick. The black hair of Indian women is an example for especially thick hair. Redheads are equally blessed with strong individual hairs.

  • Hair Dies Young

    Hair grows for a while, stays around for a bit and then falls out. An individual hair may survive for two to six years. Then it stops growing and remains on the head for several months. Finally, it falls out and makes room for a new hair. Losing 100 to 150 hairs per day is therefore quite normal.

  • Men Also Like Colour in Their Hair

    One of three women regularly dyes her hair. Today, one of ten men also reaches for colouring treatments.

  • First in Hair Beauty Products: Shampoo

    94 % of all women consider shampoo the most important hair care product bar none.

  • Good Hair is Dear

    On average, women in Germany spend € 42.00 on every visit to a hairdresser. By comparison, men spend about € 16.00. Hair stylists in New York top this any day. In some salons, a haircut costs as much as a short trip to Paris, flight ticket included. Orlando Pita, hair stylist of Naomi Campbell is known as the priciest hair stylist. A haircut in the salon of the master in Manhattan’s Gansevoort Street costs about $ 800 (€ 570). Almost a bargain by comparison is a haircut by Pita’s colleague Sally Hershberger whose claim to fame includes Meg Ryan's shag haircut. She asks a 'mere' $ 600 (€ 430) for one haircut.

  • The Auction Gavel Comes Down on Celebrity Hair

    Hair is not really all that valuable even on the heads of stars. This however may change after death. As a relic, hair may turn into a precious and rare commodity. In 2004, a fan in Hong Kong won a single hair of the former Beatle John Lennon at an auction in Gerona. This fan paid the incredible amount of € 3,460 for a single hair of John Lennon. And in 2006 the silvery grey hairpiece once worn by the artist Andy Warhol was auctioned off for as much as $10,800 Dollar (about € 7,700) by the US auction house Christie's.